The One Lady Band

EH2 Hn

Period 2

My book was River, Cross My Heart by Breena Clarke. In her book she tries to show the world how various people coupe with the death of a loved one in their own way. In River, Cross My Heart a girl which is known and loved by the whole community is killed, Ella Logan is the girl that is killed. She leaves behind various relatives and loved ones, but also leaves the whole town of Georgetown of Washington D.C. in grief. There are so many things exercised in this novel, but the one exercised the most is symbolism. Pearl, Jhonnie Mae, and Hattie Miller are the strong females in this book who have symbolism follow them everywhere.

Pearl has many irregular qualities, but the one she shows in times of need is her ability to think on her feet and be prepared, this is known because early in the story before we can make a judgment on Pearl\'s character, she helps Ella Logan find her way around the town that\'s new to her family. Pearl is also always prepared with either a pencil or a good peice of advice.

Johnnie Mae is the older but wiser character in this novel. Her symbol in the book is the yarrow tea she tells everyone to drink. She has a hearty attitude towards life and is the big mother figure in the story. She is very kind but is strict when neccesary. Like her yarrow tea she soothes the anger inside the townsfolk when Ella dies.

Hattie Miller reminds me of a grandmother figure because she is contantly handing out slices of cake and candy to people that she doesn\'t know, but are in pain.

The death of Ella Logan affects the whole town to a point where people are all griefing at the same time. Pearl, Jhonnie Mae, and Hattie Miller are all just a little bit of what the book talks about. Breena Clarke tries to show us that the human spirit will bruise easily, but will rise to ocasion and live up to the expectations that are set before us. River, Cross My Heart is a book that I would recomend to people who never stop to smell the roses. A great speech i heard once stated, "What\'s the point of going to see the wizard of Oz if you never bother to notice the people next to you and the yellow brick road below you."