The Old Way

When arriving at a drive-in movie theater one suddenly realize the fun, adventurous atmosphere. The viewers seem to be enjoying themselves without that uptight, cranky feel of an indoor movie theater. The night then suddenly seems much more enjoyable.

The old-timey drive-in movie theaters are scarce today but are still very popular. The most exciting part of drive-in theaters is the low price of only around $3.00 per person. This price includes a parking spot with it's own speaker. Also, there is a specific radio station for the viewers to tune into to get a clearer sound of the movie. The viewers may speak at any time throughout the movie without fear of anyone asking them to be quiet. All ages of couples gather to enjoy a little peace and quiet, and that adventurous atmosphere of the drive-in theater. Some sit outside their cars, while others stay inside to converse with themselves only. Along with the privacy is the issue of comfort. People can watch a movie in the comfort of their own car while lounging the seats down. Also, one can recline in the back of a truck in his/her own chair.

The refreshments at these theaters are very reasonable. A coke is about normal price of around $1.25. You can get popcorn, candy, hot dogs, and almost any other type of refreshment. Yet, you can also bring in any kind of food you would like and not have to buy their refreshments if you could get it for a cheaper value somewhere else. The concession stand is located towards one of the sides of the parking where the bathrooms are also located. This spot is convenient to all viewers, for all their needs.

In contrast, the indoor movie theaters are found more often, but to many are not as appealing as drive-ins. One of the upsets to the theater is the outrageous price of around $6.00 per person. This price includes the ticket and an individual seat in the theater. Speakers are scattered throughout the theater on the walls. The movie is sometimes hard to hear since the viewer can hear all conversations around almost as well as the movie. So those who talk are yelled at by those who are trying to watch the movie creating an uptight, cranky atmosphere. Along with the mumbling from numerous individuals, every other minute you can hear people moving around in their seat trying to get comfortable in the small chairs.

If during the movie you happen to get hungry or thirsty, the refreshments are located in the middle of all the theaters. A small drink cost around $2.00 and a small popcorn about $3.00. At indoor movie theaters you are not allowed to bring in any outside food or drinks. You must buy your refreshments from their concession stands. So, after you leave the theater, you have spent at least $20.00 for you and a date.

Nevertheless, the theaters have some things in common. Drive-in theaters and indoor theaters want only to entertain their audience. They both do a good job in showing new releases, and trying to keep their viewers happy. They may do this in a different way, but they basically want the same thing; viewers.