The old, metal sign reading George Washington Carver stands near the road and near the entrance of the cemetery has been there for many years and is showing signs of aging with rust and corrosion. The narrow road that winds through the cemetery starts near the weathered sign. The road is paved, but is old and worn from the many years of use. The pavement is cracked. The cracks run through the pavement like veins. Grass and weeds are making themselves a home in the cracks. The road winds up the hills of the cemetery. Greenery is all over the cemetery. The grass is thick and tamed. The grass is not too high, but it is in need of a cut. Trees are throughout the cemetery. Most are small to medium in size. The small trees stand about five feet tall. The medium trees stand about six to seven feet tall. All of the trees have a small bark, about the size of the two branches glued together. The trees are on the corners of the cemetery, leaning over the graves that are lying there shading them. The leaves of the trees are green. One large oak tree stands in the middle of the ground level of the cemetery. Its presence is dominant in the cemetery. The leaves on the oak tree are green. It is an old oak that was probably planted when the cemetery was first opened over sixty years ago. Flowers cover the grounds of the cemetery. Flowers of many colors, red, white, yellow, blue, pink, and crème, are on the graves. Most of flowers are in a brass vase at the head of the tombstone. A few of the flowers at certain graves are dead. The most prominent smell in the air is sweet. The scent of each flower leaves its fragrance in the air. The smell of the grass is also dominant in the air.

The tombstones at the head of the graves are of a wide variety. Most of the tombstones are the flat type that lie at the head of the grave. Small amounts, about ten or fifteen, of the tombstones are the types that are erected from the ground. No matter the type, all the tombstones are made of granite or marble. The majority of the tombstones are of a light grayish color. A few of the tombstones are of a light crème color. They are all inscribed with the name of the person who lies there, the date of birth, and the date of the person’s death. Some also hold a scripture, a quote, or a personal message from the family, such as “He is now resting with His Heavenly Father.” The inscriptions are all of different types of fonts. The inscriptions of the tombstones are of different fonts, some with plain print while others are of different forms of font, such as century gothic. There are a few graves that have nothing to identify the person who lies there.

The workers of the cemetery have been busy. There are a couple of fresh graves that stick out. The red dirt that covers these two graves contains no grass. Looking at them from afar, the graves look like two humps of red dirt. The flowers from the funeral are lying on top of the graves. The metal stands that the flowers are placed upon are stuck in the dirt. One of the flower stands read “ Dad.” The flower stands at this grave are mostly blue with white flowers. Some potted plants are also placed at this grave. A number of flowers, about fifteen, are placed on this grave. The funeral seems to have been attended by a large number of people, at least thirty, by the number of flowers at the grave. The other fresh grave has only three flowers at the grave. The grave has only one flower stand that is also blue and white. Only two potted plants are placed at this grave. Five freshly dug up graves, which are preparing for the funerals for the next day, are at different parts of the cemetery. There are five graves that are dug up. Red dirt is placed in piles not far form the graves.