The novel The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton was more detailed than the
film due to events leading to climax, scientific terminology and characterization.

This record of the earth's first biological crisis is perhaps the most painstakingly
Authentic science-fiction novel ever made. When a satellite falls to earth near a small
New Mexico village, the recovery team finds everyone in the area except an infant and an
old derelict dead. The survivors are brought to a five story underground lab one of the
elaborate sets ever assembled in Hollywood where scientists attempt determine the
nature of the deadly microbe before it starts a world-wide epidemic. A trailblazer in the
realm of science-fact, THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN is based on Michael Crichton's
best-selling novel that created national paranoia for its topical relevance to the first moon landing(Morse).
As said in the novel “One of the most painstakingly authentic science fiction novel ever made.” (Morse) This can conclude that the movie itself should contain detailed information, scientific terminology, and depictive characterization. With that said the novel should as well, but I concluded that the novel has more depictive details than the movie. Such as when the novel opens on top of a cliff with a man overlook overlooking the small Arizona town. Very descriptive details are used in this opening paragraph that describe the man’s littlest actions. Which can not be expressed very well in a visual way in the movie. Such as very little details like “…the metal will be cold and he knew he would be clumsy in his fur parka and heavyweight gloves.” (Crichton 09) This sentence can be understood well in the novel that makes it more enjoyable to the mind, but in the movie these details can not be expressed in a visual way unless exaggerated to the extent which will ruin the scene. But these little details affect the enjoyment rating a lot. Which makes the novel always more descriptive than the book.
But also larger detail changes are easily noticed as well. As stated above the scene opens in a minute New Mexico town, which is just the setting of the first act is totally different from novel to movie. This so called minute New Mexico town in the movie is a minute Arizona town as stated in the novel. As well as the scientific terminology changed as well as the characterization from novel to movie. These 3 topics are what I will be comparing and contrasting in this paper.
I will be discussing detailed materials more vastly in this novel. I have already given two examples of differentiation. So I will go right ahead and compare some more situations that conflicted between novel and the movie The Andromeda Strain.
Before the novel starts a brief synopsis of the story is given. A synopsis is absent in the film. The synopsis briefly describes the conflict of the story as well as tells some important information about the conflict. A synopsis in the beginning of a novel, story, poem or any type of literary work is a very large help in understanding and enjoying the novel, story etc. Therefore in the movie a synopsis is not given and visual presentation is used for that which cannot express the true meaning of the novel.
Detailed information allows the mind to capture your own idea or visual pictures in your own mind. As this line does in the novel He shifted his attention from the town to the surrounding hills. They were low, dusty, and blunted with scrubby vegetation and an occasional withered yucca tree crusted in snow (Crichton 10). The detailed sentence Crichton used gave so much for the mind to visualize. Therefore another example of how the novel is more descriptive in more ways than factual information.
As the movie showed a lot of similar details as the novel showed, a film cannot capture every detail as in book. As I said before the visual details in the novel that your mind creates cannot be captured in the film. An example of this is when Mark Hall, a scientist starts to cut open the wrist of a dead corpse at the scene of the disaster. The novel explains after he cuts the corpse’s wrist the blood seems to be a foamy