The New literal Era: Internet Language

English 122-1F

February 1, 2004

“G2g n ttyl 1” can also be written as “I have to go and I will talk to you later, peace”. Which takes longer to type? It’s a short hand of writing sentences. This has been used in the past in the creation of the numbers. Which is faster and easier to understand: “one plus three divided by 4 “or “1+ (3 / 4)”? The internet changes language for the better, because it’s used by the majority. Everyone’s on the internet these days, and it makes it easier for us to communicate. If two words mean the same thing but one is used more than the other, then the more popular word gets used. “I’ll be right back” will or already has been replaced by “brb”. ”brb” is faster to type and also gives a stronger meaning of what you’re trying to say.

The internet has given me a helping hand when it comes to learning English. I’m not from America, and was grammar is a little off. So I turn to chat rooms and instant messaging with my friends online. Reading other people techniques, use of words, new words, grammar, and spelling has greatly affected my writing. If it weren’t for the internet, I would only be typing or writing for school assignments. Besides that, I’d only be writing when the blue moon was out.

As for my sister, the internet has had a great affect on how she writes. The internet gives her another chance to practice spelling and writing while chatting with her friends. She learns new words while at the same time practicing expressing her emotions through writing. If it weren’t for the internet, she would never be writing. “:-)” in her eyes means much more than reading the words “I’m happy”. Typing “I’m happy” may be confused as being high, or something else. “It would make me feel awkward if my friend says “I’m Happy” as opposed to “:-)”, saying she was happy could mean she was horney…”explains my younger sister while talking to her best friend through the internet.

“But their getting a fluency in writing they never had before” states Larry Friedlander, a professor of English at Stanford University. His students are getting ideas down more quickly thus showing skills are developed. Professor Friedlander states that “language is a tool”. I find this statement quite intriguing because language, like a tool, is an instrument for communication. If a majority of people use language to communicate, then what would it matter if “brb” means “be right back”? As long as everyone knew its meaning, it would be valid to use it, and at the same time it saves time.

“2 + 3” equals “brb”! Meaning that the internets effect on language is no different from the numbers we use. Language constantly changes. About some hundred of years ago, people used to talk in iambic pentameter, obviously that didn’t last. The language we speak now is too forward, and too much to the point. We took the elegance away from our language, and the internet is trying to put some fresh cool lingo into it. The internet changed the language for the better. Besides I prefer typing “brb” when I’m in a hurry and need to tell my friend ill be right back. It really saves time because I type slowly and also I’m trying to make it sound like I’m in a hurry. Typing “I will be right back” doesn’t really sound like your in a hurry. “brb” is nice and handy because not only does it mean “be right back” it also shows I’m in a hurry. “Well, i g2g n ttyl 1.”