The Nature of Humans

What is the nature of humans? Humans are not all made the same, therefore, they will not all act or feel the same way. People are created with a free will, and to a great degree the sense to know right from wrong. This sense will always tell us right but sometimes people use their own inaccurate wisdom to tell themselves that they are right. This is why people sometimes do the wrong thing. Many things can lead to our telling ourselves this, one of the most prominent of these is greed. Although on rare occasions the human mind can think up a truly evil thought with no real reason other than that they are sick. In any case, humans do have a conscience that wild animals do not posses the sense to know right from wrong.
Some people would say look at some of the leaders in the world today, if that kind of people can become leaders what kind of people must they be leading? Individuals like Saddam Hussein, and Fidel Castro come to power promising something other than what they deliver. What they do deliver are lies and corrupt tyrannies this can not be helped by the people after the deed is done. Just look at the United States President Bill Clinton, there can be no doubt that he has told a few lies during his presidency but this does not reflect that everybody in the country is untrustworthy. You can not judge a book by itís cover. Others would say look at all the people in jail. Well, look at all the people outside of jail. If people are evil then there would be no reason to lie to cover-up what you donít want others to find, no reason to make excuses, no reason that we must follow the laws of this nation or any other.
Where can you draw the line? How many minor offenses of this law of human nature can you have before you become evil and incapable of doing the right thing? Is everyone just covering the true evil inside with their laws and regulations? I donít think so, no matter how many people you kill or things you steal you can still be forgiven for your offense by God, no matter how large or small your crime. The only reason people would have to call the human race truly evil is all the notable tyrants, murders and immoral people. Just like when you look at a field of grass and there is one lone dead patch, that patch is the one noticed, because that is the part in need of repair. I admit that people like; Adolf Hitler, Joesph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussien and Napoleon Bonapart deserved the attention that they received. There are also some destructive and evil organizations out there such as; the KKK which is dedicated to racism, these people should grow up the Civil War was a while ago, this group is the only one of its kind and it is losing itís power. That just reflects the turn in ideals we have had recently.
War is a horrible thing and it is usually brought about by an evil or sick people. This is why it is so hard to avoid it. You could not have sat down with Adolf Hitler and said you are wrong so why donít you go home and tell your people the war is done. These are not reasonable people we are dealing with, they have decided what their actions will be and that will not change no matter what you say. With that in mind the people who have the right idea must destroy this evil thing. This is also part of the human race the desire to destroy that which is evil in their minds, for proof just look at the Nazis, they thought that they were eliminating the imperfect. Such a trait can be disastrous or necessary. But remember, history is written by the victor. If the Nazis had won the war our view of that war would be dramatically different, some of us would not even be here. These leaders must have motives either greed, revenge, lust for power, or fear. In any case any of