The Native American Attitude Toward the Land

The Native American people were a people of great love towards the land. The way the great people of the past have shown their love is by the way the oral tradition has past on the great ways of the traditional worship of the land and the many gods play roles in their life. The Native American people of the past have shown the way to portray the way to peace in the way they live. The Native American selections reveal their attitude toward the land by their strong oral tradition, strong worship of the land, and belief of the great spirits of the animals.
Their strong oral tradition of the past events shows how they loved the land because of the meaning found in the stories based on the land. As show by the story "From the Houses of Magic" the teller is strengthened by "houses of magic." "The strong night is shaking me/Just as once before he did/When in spirit I was taken/To the great magicians house"(35). As shown, the land has a strong power over the people of the Native Americans. The power of this to be past on from generation to be virtually unchanged must be great. As the power of the land is show in this way of love, it just demonstrates the strength in their beliefs. As the oral tradition centers on the land as a base, "Spring Song" shows the strong feeling of the earth in the passing of the oral tradition in stories. "As my eyes/search/the prairie/I feel the summer/in the spring"(37). This is an explanation of how the Native American people used the oral tradition to provide a meaningful explanation of events in their soul that have to do with the power of word in their society. As the people of the past show the ways in which they explain the eventful lives, their stories, myths, are kept alive to show the future the way to their true selves. They also have shown a strong worship of the land.
In this, they show a strong movement to the guidance of the land for support as shown by "From the Houses of Magic" the story tells of a great spirit coming to show the way of travel to the fullness of being a true member of the wholeness of the world. As he is transformed in a state of unknowing, he is shown the way others' feelings are affected by others actions. Again the same is shown by the Delaware in "The Walam Olum" in the creation of man. "Anew spoke the great Manito, a manito to manitos,/To beings, mortals, souls and all" as they believed in a higher being of life. "And ever after he was a manito to men, and their grandfather./He gave the first mother, the the mother of beings.//All this took place of old on the earth, beyond the great tidewater, at the first" (23-25). This shows the power they felt the earth had to them. They also had great feelings towards the animals.
The Great Spirit of the animals had great influence over them. The animal world designates all the wants of the people. The animals had the power of spirit above them as a people. As animals would follow the people, the people would do the same in turn. The strength of the animal spirit was a fascination of the Native American people. The song "Song Concerning a Dream of the Thunderbirds" demonstrates the devotion of the people to the power of the animal world. "Friends, behold!/Sacred I have been made./Friends, behold!/In a sacred manner/I have been influenced/At the gathering of the clouds./Sacred I have been made,/Friends, behold!/Sacred I have been made"(38). They show a strong belief in how the animals intercede into their everyday lives.
Their strong oral tradition, strong worship of the land, and belief of the great spirits of the animals show the Native American selections reveal their attitude toward the land are very strong. The Native American people show their love of all in all they do. As the people of the world show the strength in unity, we refer to the past. Oral tradition is one of the ways this is past from one