The National Socialist German Workers’ Party

The National socialist German Workers’ Party was a terrible force of the 1900s. Their ideology and beliefs led to the death and destruction of many Jews and other nationalities.

Even though the Nazism where thought to be terrible people they were admired by the lower middle class. “Also the Nazi thought of patriotism and militarism gain heavy emotional feedback from people who could not forgot Germany’s prewar imperial grandeur.

In the national elections of September 1930, the Nazis got almost 6.5 Million votes and second only to the Social Democrats which they didn’t like. They were hated as much as they were loved. The Nazis were thought to be arrogant and fueled by hell.

Adolf Hitler led these groups of Nazis. Hitler was born in a tiny town in Austria in 1889. When he was a little boy he showed little ambition. After dropping out of high school, he moved to Vienna to study art, but he was denied from the Vienna Academy of fine arts.

Hitler’s prejudice had become very common in his thoughts and personal business. Anti-Semitism was not a policy for Adolf Hitler, it was religion. Hey was pretty much driven by the hate for anyone not like him.

The Nazis hated not only Jews but also many more groups. Such as homosexuals, Czechs, poles, and many more. All the Nazis cared about was the so-called social ladder. And they were at the top looking down.

They treated these minorities in the cruelest ways if not death then worse. They would be in camps where they would slowly die. Or torture camps where they would get beat to death.

These things were caused by there beliefs. They had a set of guidelines. It stated that countrymen were above all else. They didn’t value hard workingmen like most people should. They did not like immigrants they wanted a pure blooded country with no other blood ties. Even though they most undoubtedly were from some other heritage.

And that is the conclusion of my report thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed the history of Nzism.