The name of my novel is Pilot Down, Presumed Dead by Marjorie Phileger. The main character in my novel was Steve Ferris he was a pilot he and just flew three people to La Paz near the tip of Mexicoís Baga California and now on his was back to San Diego. Steve was a single man he was planning an engagement to Barbara. The date was set to be on Thanksgiving Day at a family party. He had secretly purchased a diamond ring that they had admired at a jeweler window.

Steve was always prepared he kept a gallon of water in the plane, it was a precautionary measure in case of a forced landing.

So there he was Steve Farris about to take off from La Paz airport. He climbed into his single engine airplane and took off but this wasn't going to be one of his smoothest flights. After an hour of flying Steve glimpsed down at the water and noticed the ocean was dotted with white caps and far out on the horizon clouds seemed to be building up but Steve was not that alarmed. So Steve turned on his radio to report his position but there was no response, suddenly the storm hit the plane hit the plane hard, he continued on the radio but soon gave up and cosiontrating on flying in the storm, but his altitude was dropping fast now he was down to 300 feet and the storm seeming to let up, and gradually the altitude was up to 650 feet. He was going to try to land the airplane before the storm hit him again so he found an island and was going to land on the beach and so he did, but the sand was to soft and the plane tilted over onto itís propeller. Steve hit his head and blacked out.

So now Steve Farris was stranded on an uncharted island with nothing but water bottle, jacket, maps, oranges, bananas, crackers, candy bars, clipboard, and his sunglasses.

About a day later Steve decided to shovel out an enormous SOS and fill it with white seashells so that you could see it from the sky. That night steve was awaken by the howling of a coyote, he was standing on the beach, but