The Mysterious Creature
One day in the year 2002 scientists were working in a lab together. One young scientist by accident knocked one beaker into another. The contents spilled and mixed together. He watched horrified as the two liquids bubbled. Then he screamed for a more advanced scientist to come over.
“What have you done” said doctor Fields the head scientist. Don't you know that mixing these two chemicals together could be dangerous? We have never tried this before who knows what might happen. Then Mr. Fields told the young scientist to clean up his mess quickly and leave the lab.
In the dark of the night, a few droplets of chemicals bubbled. These bubbled formed a hideous shape, that had pointy teeth, hair all over, and a thin dark body. The shape vanished and sped through the night.
In a simple house in Kentucky, a man named Danny, a police officer was listening to the news on the radio with his wife. On the news, the reporter kept repeating the same sentence over and over again. He said “there was a weird creature that no one has ever seen before running around loose and it had killed two people the night before.
Danny gasped and turned to his wife “Did you hear that”? He said “You stay here, I will go to the police station and check things out.
Danny jumped into his car quickly then sped hurriedly to the police station. When he got there he pushed his way through the mob of people and asked the sergeant what exactly happened.
He went to Officer Reynold’s desk and asked him what the true story is. He turned pale as the officer told him that a half lion, half monkey animal was running around loose and had already killed two people. This creature was very dangerous and was made when a mixture of two DNA chemicals was accidentally mixed together. “ I have to go home and warn my wife taught Danny”. Who knows this creature might have already hurt her. Danny went home and opened the door, afraid of what he might find.
The silence was penetrating. He looked all over the house then found his wife in the laundry room doing laundry. He told her of what he had learnt and said for the night she should sleep at the police station. Just as he was saying this, the telephone began to ring.
He picked up the telephone afraid of bad news. Instead, the police officer was on the telephone asking Danny for a favor. He wanted Danny to go down to the office quickly. He got into his car and drove down to the police station taking his wife with him.
When he got there, the officer asked to speak with him privately. As he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him, the officer began to speak.
He said that the governor had asked him to find a good police officer and Danny had been chosen. “So,” he said to Danny, “would you like to save our state and destroy this creature?” Danny thought for a while about it and finally answered yes.
He went to his wife and told her about his decision. “Danny,” she cried, “how could you do this to me? You could get killed”. Danny answered, “Yes I know, but if I don’t do this a lot of people in our state can die”. “Fine Danny,” said his wife, “I sure hope you know what you’re doing.”
Danny walked over to the officer with a determined look in his face. “I will do it,” he said, “only if you take care of my wife while I am gone.” “Fine” said, the officer “now get to work.”
Danny went to the supply room and stocked up on things he might need. Then he went to the science lab where this tragedy had occurred, to find out all he can about the creature and if anything can destroy it. Once he got there, he introduced himself and asked them if anything can destroy the creature. He also asked them how much they knew about the creature. They answer that all they knew is that no