The music rap only a decade and a haft old , finally notice by

the world in 1990 as real music had has its real downfall with

violence and corruption that surounds this new kind of music.

Its gotten so bad 1/20 people that listen to rap has

run into the law that been influence by listening to music.That

in order to stop all this violence that involves rap we must

learn to understand were their coming from why the offending

lyrics. 2 years ago a rapper named Ice Cube(O\'shea Jackson)

sang at a concert where he had to take violence towards a korean

This started a riot after his concert,that resulted in a dozen of

burned korean shops. This was a big misunderstanding, so is

peoples view on rap music. What we must do is get to the heart

of the problem.

SEX, HOMICIDE, MONEY, these are some controversial things
rappers must rap about to get "Mad loot" (money). Its bad
enough we grew up in a era where the slightiest thing could upset
any one,like teaching masturbation in public schools or teaching
about the creation of the world in christian point of view. We,
the society are trying the screen everything, to protect are
children from being harm. But its harm we are inflecting on are
soon to be leaders of the world,for example tring to banned sex
education from the schools,screening the TV from harmful life
scaring scenes of nudity,music being edited because of the used
of the word "NIGGER" "BITCH" "JEW" "HOE" etc. Now rap singers are
just telling stories about drug dealing, getting beat up by
police officers,gangland slaying. Poeple don\'t like them
,because they give people ideas or we just can\'t admit how bad
society is becoming. Shaking are head looking the other way
saying this is not hapening right now. Stories that scare the
hell out of people. Rappers rap about situation that happen to
them in some point of their lives. Lots of rap music performers
grew up in poverty,were violence surrounded them,were violence
was the solution to the problem. Rap performer just sing about
songs with message that not all people live perfect lives with
perfect familys. Some rap singers are actually grateful for
getting off the streets , and doing something with their lives.
Some don\'t even get off the streets, do you know that little kids
go around the corner and see the local dopeman with foreign
cars,women swarming all over them, and cash flooding from their
pocket,then the kid goes home and see their motherfather comming
home from work with a couple bucks in their hand. Now tell what
do you think the kid is going to decide what he\'s going to do for
a living?. The problem isn\'t about the language its about

Rappers must also stay out of trouble so they would not scar they

reputation. Rap is already a controversial music, it just makes
it worst when haft them are out there commiting. Snoop Doggy

Dogg faces life in prison on conspiracy murder charges,the grammy

winning Snoop had he\'s many run ins with the laws.March

1993,Tupac Shakur was arrested for assaulting

Menace II Society director Allen Hughes after an argument in

L.A.Seven months later, Shakur arrested accused of

shooting two off-duty officers in Atlanta.Police charge Shakur

and two members of his entourage with sexually assaulting a 20

year old woman. Police found a 9mm semi-automatic hand gun and

nearly haft gram of marijiuana, when they pull over 2pac for

speeding. Rappers out there are commiting crimes not realizing

that that lots of kids out their are loking up to them as role

models. Did you know that %20 percent of the population in North

America listen to rap, so thats a big number of people that rap

performmer are responsible for. Many rappers talk about streets

life, but lots of rapppers are out there trying to make the big

bucks. These rappers sing music about violence and corruption

because they know thats what sells around here. And big music

companys don\'t really care what rappers singing about, as long it
brings big bucks to them. Presidential candidate Bob Dole, Rep-
Kan ,and other critics lauched a crusade to stop Time Warner from
selling "Violence and sex degrading rap music". After that time
Warner sold %50 percent of Interscope to MCA for $200 million
dollars. William J.Benette said instead of banning rap, their
are trying stop major companys to stop distrubuting rap