The movei, "Miracle Worker", is about a young girl who had meningitis when she was six monthes old. The disease caused her to become deaf and blind. Helen's parents let her do pretty much what ever she wanted to do. She was an very unruly child because she didn't know right from wrong. Her disabilities caused her to lack all forms of conversation. When Helen was around 10, her parents decided to get help. They called the school for the deaf and blind and asked them to send someone as soon as possible. Pretty soon a woman named Annie Sullivan arrived at the Keller's home to teach Helen. She usned a form of the alphabet for the hands called "sign language". At first when Annie tried to teach Helen at home, but she realizes that with Helen's family around she refuses to learn. She then asks the Kellers for two weeks alone with Helen in a little house nearby. They hesitate at first, but then they agree. Annie is able to teach Helen a little, but she still doesn't understand language. When they come home, Helen starts acting up again. Annie has Helen fill a pitcher of water, she says wa-wa. She finally understands.
Helen and Annie have a lot of similarities and differences. The following paragraphs will explain some of these.
Helen and Annie are both very impatient people. Helen likes to get her own way. She puts up a fight for everything. Annie is the same way but she likes to accompolish things. She will never give up on Helen.
Another similarity Annie and Helen have is their eyes. When Annie was younger she was blind. She had and operatino on her eyes which made it possible for her to see.
They also have many differenes. Helen grew up getting what ever she wanted and Annie was the exact opposite. She had no parents to take care of her so her brother were put in a mental hospital. Her brother Jummy had problems with his legs. He died whenb he and Annie were very young. It made Annie stronger. On the other hand there is Helen, she can do what she wants, when she wants without a problem. Her parents have no control over her so they just let her go.
Annie and Helen are very much alike yet very different in ways but in the end, they become inseparable friends.