The Mortgaged Heart

The title of this piece of writing is about loneliness. The mortgaged heart means this one heart in particular is being used for some sort or repayment .

Loneliness and aloneness are possibly one of the most fear things in life by Americans. As the text says, from the time you are born you are grasping for the bottle, until death, when you are still exploring the objects around you. You are constantly searching for an identity. As you mature you become more and more familiar with yourself, and you grasp who and what you are. Once you discover exactly who you are, you put yourself into the crowded world and compare yourself to everyone else.

You gain your identity and all you want to do is disperse from the solitude of America and become part of the whole. Americans cannot stand the fact that they are alone, or will soon be alone. This in fact may be the most excruciating punishment. In the novel and play, "The member of the wedding," Frankie Addams is striving to be part of a group, being alone is just too lonesome.

People begin to separate from the world of loneliness when love comes into the picture. Love opens the mind. When you can find someone you can love, you can cancel out that fear in the back of your mind. Ask yourself all the questions you've been pondering since birth. Your mind will now openly and honestly answer these questions without fear.

If the questions about yourself cannot be answered this will create a bitter attitude along with fear and frustration. This type of attitude leads to snobbism, intolerance, and racial hate, leading to war. One must be aware that different people do things in different ways.

Americans deal with loneliness in different ways. Wandering is what some people may end up doing their whole life. The heart will lead the way until you stray the right path.