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September 2003


Today is very common to see people take a bath in food, cutting their hair, and also eating bull\'s testicles for some money. At the present time Colombia has some programs motivating this behavior, most of these programs come from The United States; and other countries of the world, have also appropriated this format. The reasons for which people continue with this behavior are many and one of them is the economic situation. Different reasons have the television chains to accept these programs, but you can summarize in it the word "rating."

The problem in these programs is that they incite people to make foolishness, which attempt against the dignity and the human being\'s honor. "I Bet You Will" it\'s one of the pioneers in this new modality. This program began by the middle of the 2002 with the chain MTV. The style is part of the very well-known "reality shows", since they show people\'s distorted acts without censorship. At the moment in Colombia one of these programs does exist and it\'s called "Quien se le Mide? ", and not only in Colombia this style has been copied, it has also been made as in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and others. The name of another of these programs is "Por Canto? created by a Spanish chain that auctions these tests of "stupidity" for supreme tentative of money.

The reasons for which people make this are different and among them is the difficult economic situation, the desire of being famous or simply for social acceptance. Most makes it to be recognized or to be accepted by the present people and of course it doesn\'t lack the one that makes it to make it, or I should say the one who makes it without reason. But all these reasons are not excuse to be lowered and to lose the dignity together with the honor like these people do. It doesn\'t lack to mention that many of these tests can attempt against the human health.

The rating behind these programs is quite high; I could say that almost everybody has seen one of these programs in some point of their life. This is the main reason for which, the chains continue reproducing these "amusing" programs. To explain to it better you can analyze from the economic point of view; these chains win considerable sums of money, since the expenses that are made are low in comparison with the revenues that the chains receive; the net entrance that the chains receive for the programs is able to maintain them on the air.

The vision of these programs toward the participants is not human; they are only seen as objects for their own benefit, wanting to take out of any person, profit. Why do these people pass above others without any position of conscience? Why do they take advantage of economic situations? Why are they focused so much well in their own profit? Because we are monkeys, monkeys that dance for money.