The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were horrid times with even more horrid people. The whole thing started when the Roman Empire fell. The Romans were going great when slowly and gradually they started to fall. They became corrupt form barbarian invasions, a weakened economy, and several other factors.

The Middle Ages were times of tragic and barbaric events. They consisted of blood, gore, and more blood. The inventive stage of man had come to a halt, and the people never thrived. It was a time of no hope.

There was however a new system of governing called feudalism that seemed to work alright. This system was divided up in five different ranks: king, lords, vassals, knights, and peasants. There was only one king; he was the great ruler of all. He divided some land up for the lords who split that into land for the vassals, knights, and so on. Although, when it got to the serfs, they couldn't own the land; they were slaves on it. The manor was the economic unit of the Middle Ages. The domain was that of which the lord kept for himself. Vassals were granted fiefs by the lords.

During the Middle Ages, there was a great war called the "Crusades." These "Crusades" consisted of many wars. They took place all across Europe. The purpose was for the Christians to regain the Holy Land from the Muslims. They lasted for about two hundred years and killed many, many people.

Another great war was the war against the Bubonic Plague. Although there wasn't much of a fight, there were about 2.5 million people who died. The "Black" Plague was transported from the Mediterranean to Europe by boat through rats and fleas.

The Middle Ages were also full of horribly people. For example, a church position could be bought. This is known as simony. The church's code of law was called the Canon Law. Obviously, it didn't work too well. As you have read, you have figured out that the Middle Ages were miserable, hostile, and exciting. That is how it used to be.