The setting of this novel is in a room within an apartment. It is a first person point of view with most of the novel taking place in the head of the main character himself/itself. It does not change throughout the book, except when Gregorís family rent out a room. Which does play a pretty important role in the book as well, introducing some super minor characters in the novel. Most of the plot that takes place in the main characterís head is from his view of everything that happens in his room and what he is able to observe in there.
There is only really one main character in the book, his name is Gregor Samsa. His sister Grete, and his mother and father are also some important characters in the novel, as well. Gregor is a very determined man, or was to say the least, he was turned into a giant bug, hence the name of the book. Before he was turned into a giant bug he was a traveling salesman, making money to pay off his familyís debt, and was doing a good job of it. His sister Grete is around 16 and 17, she sticks up for Gregor, but by the end of the novel she has turned and she is the one who wishes Gregor to leave. Gregorís mother sticks up for Gregor when his father gets into a tantrum about Gregor, she has asthma but is still forced to get a job when they are in need of financial support. Gregorís father seems to show a dislike to Gregor after he has changed, he is old and also has to work although he has not worked for several years.
The characters are affected by the setting of the novel for several reasons. The apartment is very large and expensive to rent, but they canít move because they believe that they canít do it without revealing Gregor in his metamorphosis. Because of this they must all work in order to pay off their family debt, as well as everything else, including the rent, food, etc. If they were perhaps in a smaller apartment the stress would not have been as great, for the stress is what I believe to have led Gregorís sister, Grete, to have had suggested the idea of getting rid of Gregor , which eventually led to his demise. The combination of stress and hardship of maintaining their apartment and paying off their debt, causes them to take drastic actions. Grete doesnít even address Gregor as him, but it, even she who has stuck by him this long, seems to have given up all hope of Gregor of turning back to normal. The three brothers moving in also affects the play because they are the!
ones who makes Grete realize all that and knows she canít take living with Gregor any longer.
The character which I most identify with in the novel, would have to be Gregor. I identify because like when Gregorís transformation into a bug changed his parents attitude about him. My parents do the same thing when I do something such as bringing home a bad report card, and thatís when things get crazy. I also identify with Gregor because I can take it sometimes, but sometimes I just donít want to. Gregor also seems like the pretty clear headed type sometimes, and sometimes not, he likes to have some sort of fun occasionally and that is sort of like me. Iím kind of like Gregor, but then Iím kind of not. Iím not a traveling salesman, for instance. I didnít turn into a giant bug, but I do have younger siblings though. My little sister does play an instrument, a piano, not a violin, so I guess I also have alot in common with Gergor.
Some examples of symbolism in the novel is the apple that Gregorís father threw at him, which got stuck in his back. Gregor had left the thing in his back for the whole month which it took him to heal the wound. The apple was like a symbol of the pain he was going through, and it being in his back showed how he could endure all the pain. He didnít even bother to