The Mask of Virtue


period 1

Virtue can fool the most skeptical of people. People tend to disreguard evidence againest anyone one who claims to have a cause. What one needs to know is humans of "principal" may actually have wicked motives. Some even use their reputation of virtue to get away with selfish deeds.

Abigail from The Crucible is a manipulative girl who claims to be righteous. She is caught in a lie by John Proctor. She tells him the girls and her were just dancing but later when sheís in court she tells the judge it was witchcraft. Abigail is using the witchcraft tale to her advantage. She can accuse whoever she wants and theyíll be put to death including Elizabeth Proctor, Johnís Wife. Abigail is stabbed with a needle and says she felt Elizabethís spirit. This was Abigailís attempt to frame Elizabeth. Abigail wants to get rid of Elizabeth so she can have John. Abigail doesnít care who she hurts along the way as long as she achieves her goal.

The Putnamís are a family with one common trait: selfishness. Mr. Putnam suggests to Abigail who she might have seen "dancing with the devil." He was suggesting people he disliked. If those people were tried he would prosper. Goody Putnam accuses Rebecca Nurse of witchcraft. She was jealous because Rebecca had many healthy children and Goody Putnam has lost 7 out of 8 children before they had grown. Also she had suspicion of Rebecca because she was her midwife. The Putnam family ís accusations are purely self‑indulgent.

These members of Salem wear the mask of virtue and have the blood of fellow neighbors on their hands. Their greed and selfishness took lives and the only punishment handed to them is guilt. Someday there will be justice, "What goes around, comes around."