The Manipulation
People search for guidance, love and meaning in religion. Many go from church to church hoping to find lifeís answers. The search started years and years ago, yet still continues today. To solve the mystery of religion one must first realize that manís perception of God greatly influences religion. Take one glance at the many different religions in the world today, and one can see how man has affected religion. Henry David Thoreau supports the theory that man manipulates religion in his quote, ď What man believes, God believes.Ē
Throughout the world people see and hear others speaking in tongues, Some say through this private language of God they feel closer and more in tune with Him. Others believe that speaking in tongues evoke evil. Peopleís opinion of God ranges tremendously throughout not only the world, but also in cities and small communities, yet if they read the Bible they would soon realize the answers to many of the questions are easily found. To answer the question of speaking in tongues, one must look to the book of Corinthians for advice. In chapter fourteen of the book of Corinthians, it clearly states that ď For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God.Ē This verse distinctly means that the tongue of God is between a man and his God, not to be interpreted by other men. Many people fear that relationship, so they condemn whoever experiences that closeness with God. The insecurities and fears of men lead them to start to churches that cater to their views, usually slipping further away from God and the Bible. Godís guidance and teachings are pushed to the wayside because many people think He serves people of the olden days and none of his teachings pertain to the world today. These people have to find the true meaning of God and his glory.
Interracial marriages produce discord between many different people today. Some claim that the Bible says marry your own kind, they take this verse to mean marry your own race or sin will stain your soul. Others feel that God believes love sees not color, but the beauty and goodness on the inside. This is another example how man interprets Godís words differently, and of how they bend His beliefs to his way of thinking. In the chaos of the world many find it difficult to find the answer to this question. What one believes to be Godís way, another feels to be a sin. Unless man clears his heart and mind when trying to interpret the Bible and Godís words he will never be able to interpret it correctly.
The quest for harmony between man and God continues. Many believe that the hunt will never end. It will continue until the end of time, until the believers and the sinners are separated and taken to their eternal lives. This may be true, yet man has an instinctive longing inside to be in conformity with his God. The search gives a meaning to manís life, a fulfillment that a job or even family can not provide. The interpretation each man has, will one day be proven or disapproved according to his clear headedness when he tried to translate the meaning of life. Until the start of manís new beginning, man will continue to manipulate religion.