The main reason why I choose this book was because I also needed a book for world history. The book for that class needed to take place in a country other than the US. Why I choose a James Bond book was because that was one of my teacherís suggestions and it sounded interesting to me. I see James Bonds books to have a lot of sex and violence in them and I believe that that is entertaining. Those are the reasons why I choose this book.

The main character of the book Casino Royale is James bond. James is very loyal to his home county, England. He would do just about anything for his country no matter who it hurts himself or any other people. For example Vesper, Bondís partner who he fell in love with killed herself at the end of the book. In her suicide not to Bond she said it was because she was a double agent and that when Bond found out he would no longer love her. Bond didnít sympathies with her at all. On the phone to his commander he said, ďthe bitch is dead.Ē Bond also is a very smart person, he seems like he is very organized and doesnít like to fool around with stuff. I say this because when he is asked what his lucky numbers were he told the person that he doesnít have any he bets on the odds.

The main problem in this book came when Vesper, Bonds female partner got kidnapped. Vesper got in this situation after Bond won 65 million francs from the villain, Le Chiffre. He wanted his money back so he kidnapped Vesper. Bond chased after her and got into an accident. The then took Bond and tortured him at their hideout. The problem was solved when a Russian secret agent from SMERSH came with orders to kill Le Chiffre, he did right before they were to kill Bond.

Bond thought he was completely prepared for his mission but he soon found out that he was not. The first part where we found that he wasnít prepared was when they were playing baccarat. Bond lost all of his money. The out side force that helped him with this was the American from the CIA. He gave Bond 36 Million Francs to gamble with after he had lost his money. Bond quickly turned it into 72 Million Francs which busted the bank (Le Chiffre was the banker). The second situation was when bond was kidnapped and tortured. I believe he was prepared for this. Afterwards the doctor had said that he had never seen anyone take that kind of beating without dying. The third and final situation that I will bring up is when Vesper killed herself. I do not think he was prepared at all for this. What helped him get through it was the note she had left him which said she was a double agent. After learning this Bond quickly changed his mood.

A new adventure in this novel I might put in may be a bomb Bond finds in his room and has to defuse.
Right before their Baccarat game Bond goes back up to his room to catch some quick sleep. When he closes the door he hears a steady beeping. Bond looks behind him to see a large bomb rigged to the door. Bond isnít worried at all, like most people would be. He quickly moves closer to the door taking a closer look at the explosive device. As he examines it he finds many French devices and techniques, obviously the work of Le Chiffre. He finds the two wires leading from the battery pack to the detonator. His hands are now starting drip with sweat but Bond is still very cool. He carefully strips both the positive and negative wires and bridges them together. He then opens the door and heads back down to the gaming floor thinking to himself how he had wished he had some time left to sleep.

Many parts of this novel seemed unrealistic. First the mission Bond was sent on, to out gamble Le Chiffre, I donít think ever would be approved. I just donít think that any man of power would try to defeat his enemy by gambling.