The Madness of King George

The Madness of King George was written in 1781. It was the story of the struggle to gain power over the throne of England between a father and his son. King George was a very controlling man and liked to have complete control over everything he dealt with. King George and his wife had a good relationship, but he did not get along well with his son, the Prince of Wales. At the beginning of the American Revolution George began to have pains at night. William Pitt the Younger, the King's Prime Minister, put it off as stress due to George's lack of power over the Americas. Any time the Americas were brought up George had fits of anger and his stomach got very upset. As time progressed George got worse. He woke up at night in pain, and eventually started to have fits of delusion. He hits on women in front of his own wife, and went through spells of yelling and rage during public appearances. As George's condition worsened his son began to plan a coup of his father's throne. The Prince began to build up supporters to help him get control of England, with promises of positions in the Parliament. Many doctors visited George, but none could cure his condition. Finally William Pitt found a doctor who said he could cure the King's condition. George was taken away to a private dwelling where Dr. Willis treated him. Dr. Willis has a rather unorthodox method of treatment, but they are believed to help King George. While George is gone the Prince tries to take over the throne. William Pitt has the doctor write encouraging letters updating the King's condition so that the Parliament doesn't lose hope. Given a certain amount of time to return to the throne before his son takes over, Dr. Willis continues aggressively treating King George. While growing impatient the Prince tries to convince Dr. Willis to write that the King will be unable to return, but Dr. Willis refuses. The Prince then writes his own letter and presents it to Parliament. As the Prince of Wales was about to take over the throne, Dr. Willis believes that the King is ready to return to the throne. Upon his return the people rejoice and his family is happy once again, except the Prince of course. It was later found judging by the color of his urine, which early doctors were interested in, that King George of England suffered from Porphyria.