The Lost World

Private Interview with Dr. Ian Malcolm

1. Dr. Malcolm, what is it about dinosaurs that interests you?
Well, for me it\'s the primitive nature. The way they hunt, seek and kill. We have learned so much from that island about the way in which dinosaurs live together and how their behavior is so much different from what we had theorized. That is the one thing that this was so useful for. Studying ancient bones can only give you an idea on how they look and fight. Seeing them in reality lets us learn their behavior and the environmental adaptations that have occurred throughout time.
2. Why did you go back with Dr. Levine to the island, which of course you knew was inhabited by dinosaurs and very dangerous?
To begin I\'d like to say I did not know the island was inhabited by dinosaurs but merely suspected the thought. I agreed to go with Dr. Levine as a safety precaution. If there were dinosaurs on the island I could help Richard setup more quickly. I also thought that if they had someone with experience with dinosaurs it would be to their advantage.
3. After the first excursion to "Jurassic Park," the dinosaurs were destroyed, why is that?
We all had to make a choice. We agreed that silence was the best option. The evidence of there ever having been dinosaurs on the island had to be destroyed so that no one would ever know about the park. It was just too dangerous, perhaps when we have means of controlling the dinosaurs we might try to bring them back again.
4. The dinosaurs on Isla Sorna, are they still there?
Yes, we believe that this time we should be studying them instead of destroying them. We have set up a surveillance system to observe the dinosaurs for years to come. Perhaps this way we might learn about how we may protect ourselves from these creatures and perhaps about their evolution and extinction.
5. You say the dinosaurs are still alive. Are you not afraid they pose a danger to mankind?
We believe that with the surveillance of the island we can monitor their every action on the island. There is no chance of escape and therefore no chance of any danger to mankind. However if they somehow find means of escaping the island we\'ll have made precautions into ensuring they will never reach land.
6. With this new breakthrough in science, do you believe there will be a need to continue researching dinosaur bones?
To be honest, no. With the actual animals living and breathing under 24 hour observations, I believe it would be as useful as examining the bones of a cat or a chicken. However, there are several dinosaurs that were not recreated such as the Pterodactyl. We will still be studying the bones of those such animals.
7. Are you and the others planning to let the public know about your secret "Lost World?"
No. If the public knew about this island they would surely gain interest. There would be those certain few who would decide to take a trip out there to see for themselves these actual breathing dinosaurs. We would make security to prevent such a thing of course but there is never a full proof way to keep the people out. If this ever got out, people would want to see it and the island would be disrupted from its natural state.
8. Do you believe there is or could be other lost worlds?
The thought of there being other lost worlds is frightening. Yes I do believe there is such a possibility. If you had asked me this a while back I would have said no. But after going to Isla Sorna there is always going to be the possibility in my mind.
9. Are you ever planning to return to Isla Sorna to see the dinosaurs one last time?
To be able to see them up close, live just another time would be most desirable. The truth is I do not think anyone will ever go back there. It is too dangerous to even try. If I could though, just to go there without any chance of danger, I would surely not miss the opportunity.
10. Do you believe it is right for humans to play god and