by Michael Crichton

This story takes place six years after the Jurassic Park disaster.

The book starts out with Ian Malcom giving a speach on his theory of extinction at a

place called the Santa Fe Institute. As he's talking, a tall man stands up. His name is

Richard Levine. He's a paleontologist, and he is fairly wealthy. He interrupts Ian to tell

him that he doesn't think dinosaurs are really extinct. He believes there's a lost world on an

island somewhere off Costa Rica.

"I'm quite serious. What if the dinosaurs did not become extinct? What if they still

exist? Somewhere in an isolated spot on the planet?" (5) Ian tells him this is nonsense,

and continues on explaining his theory.

Outside of the Santa Fe Institute, Ian meets up with his long time friend, Sarah

Harding, a well-known biologist who studies large predators in Africa. They discuss what

Levine said, and they come to the mutual conclusion that Levine probably doesn't know

what he's talking about.

Meanwhile, Levine is secretly preparing equipment for a jungle expedition. He enlists

the help of a man called Doc Thorne, who was a college engineering professor, but now

designs souped-up vehicles for expeditions and searches. He also enlists Doc Thorne's best

mechanic, Eddie Carr. Levine has Doc Thorne and Eddie rig a Ford Explorer and a

motorcycle to run on batteries. He also has them build reinforced trailers to house

biological labs. Levine inspects the equipment and sees that it is satisfactory and almost

ready to go. He suggests that instead of testing the prototype vehicles first, they take them

directly to Costa Rica to start the expedition. Thorne doesn't like the idea, but because

Levine is so enthusiastic, he agrees. Levine sets to leave at midnight from San Francisco,

and the expedition is to join him in Costa Rica about forty-eight hours later.

As they're finalizing their plans for the trip, a black kid, Arby Benton, about ten years

old, wearing glasses and a suit, and a taller white girl named Kelly Curtis walk in and catch

wind of the plan and immediately want to go. They had been expecting to go on another

small expedition with Levine over their spring break to study fossils having already had

permission from their parents. Since they already had permission to be away from home,

they decided it wouldn't hurt to go a little farther. Levine, Thorne and Eddie immediately

say, "No," thinking that the risk would be too high. Levine leaves later that night for Costa


Back at the Santa Fe Institute, Malcom says goodbye to Sarah, because she is going

back to Africa to continue her study of hyenas. As Malcom watches her leave, he decides

to go visit his friend Doc Thorne in a day or two.

Levine reaches Costa Rica the next day and charters a fishing boat to bring him to Isla

Sorna, one of five islands in a chain known as the "Five Deaths." Satellite evidence

indicates to Levine that a volcanic island in this area may be home to nests of living

dinosaurs. Before Levine leaves for the island, he hires a local guide, named Diego, who

visited the island frequently as a child and claims to have knowledge of the island's trails

and primitive roads.

They set out for Sorna and reach it two hours later. Levine and Diego are forced to

climb steep cliffs to reach the plateau at the top of the island. As they reach the top, Diego

looks around and confidently tells Levine to follow him. Diego leads the way to a stream

where Levine stoops down to take a drink. In the undergrowth around him, he notices

several small, chicken-sized dinosaurs. He recognizes them as procompsagnathuses.

Diego also notices them and reaches out his hand to pet them. Levine warns him that even

though these dinosaurs are small, it's possible that they could have a venomous bite. Diego

quickly pulls his hand back just as one of the dinosaurs jumps at him and tries to bite him.

Suddenly, the little dinosaurs begin to chirp and become skittish. They quickly scatter into

the underbrush and disappear. Levine looks around worriedly for a some sign of what has

frightened the diminuative dinosaurs. As he glances around, he can tell something is

wrong, but he can't put his finger on what it is. Suddenly, Diego is jerked from his feet

and dragged screaming into the