The Lioness Team

11 March 04

My daugther "Cindy "is in the Army Engineering Corp. Presently she is in Iraq attached to a Combat Arms (Infantry) Unit. It is known that in the Army no women are allowed to be in the an Combat Unit for many personnel hygiene reasons, but Cindy and her team of Lioness have been allowed to go on missions with them.

Some of the missions that they go on are very dangerous. For instance each team is assigned an area in which they have to enter and detain everyone in that area. There is shooting involved, as well as bombs, and grenades. They have Iraqi men with knives attacking them. My daugther's lioness team goes into buildings to detain and search all the civilian Iraqi women. They do this because men in Iraq or of any countries are not allowed to touch an Iraqi women. It is illegal for any man to touch a woman to which he is not married. That is just one of the stories my daugther tells me, which gives me an uneasy feeling.

Also, she tells me that the combat soldiers call her the baby, so they named her Simba. Cindy is very aggressive in all the missions she goes on. Her work is very serious, and there is no room for mistakes. For that reason the soldiers in the combat unit fight over her to be in their team.

Cindy's male counter parts train the females of the Lioness Team more intensively than they do a regular male soldier. They do this in order for them to be at ease when they go on dangerous missions. They (Lioness Team) know that the male in the military do not want to have to worry about a female, so this is why they train so much. Although the soldiers still will tend to worry about them when things are getting confusing, they trust that the Lioness Team can handle what is presented to them at an instant. All the training that the team does is very important to their daily lives in Iraq for survival.

The Lioness team of Fort Riley, Kansas, has made a big difference for other women in the military, although they may never recieve any medals. They have accomplished to work with the Combat Arms Unit. As the mother of one of the Lioness and a women in the military I am extremely proud of the Lioness Team. They are strong like a real Lioness, they hunt in the same manner, and support the men at their weakest point in the missions.