“The like natural inducement hath brought men to know that it is no less their duty to
love others than themselves, for seeing those things which are equal, must needs all have
one measure; if I cannot but wish to receive good, even as much at every man's hands, as
any man can wish unto his own soul, how should I look to have any part of my desire
herein satisfied, unless myself be careful to satisfy the like desire, which is undoubtedly
in other men weak, being of one and the same nature: to have anything offered them
repugnant to this desire must needs, in all respects, grieve them as much as me; so that if I
do harm, I must look to suffer, there being no reason that others should show greater
measure of love to me than they have by me showed unto them; my desire, therefore, to
be loved of my equals in Nature, as much as possible may be, imposeth upon me a natural
duty of bearing to themward fully the like affection. From which relation of equality
between ourselves and them that are as ourselves, what several rules and canons natural
reason hath drawn for direction of life no man is ignorant."
The quote up above is a quote from the Second Treatise On Government . To
me, this quote is saying that you should love others more than yourself, and that isn’t a
bad thing.
Second Treatise On Government is a great book written by the Father Of
Democracy, John Locke. Locke had some very good ideas in his book, such as natural
rights and a radical new reason for government. Locke beleived that people are basicly
good and moral by nature. He also beleived that every person was entitled to their natural
rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With these rights, there should be a
government that protects these for each person and only protects natural rights, a
government that does nothing else. He also beleived that a government should be
overthrown if it doesn’t protect or even takes away an individuals natural rights. And that
wasn’t all he thought about government, he protested a monarchy, and that government
should have very little power and was accepted by all citizens. Locke was dead nuts
correct when he wrote this book, except when he stated that a government should be
accepted by all citizens, I personally do not ever, trust me when I say this, ever, want to
accept the same things as my Uncle Mike. My Uncle Mike is a drunk idiot who wants
nothing more than to become Thomas Hobbes, yes I said Hobbes. Even though my uncle
is on the right track to being Hobbes, a drunk and an idiot, my uncle just doesn’t
understand the concept of being a human. In order to be a human being, you must have
some niceness in you unlike Hobbes and my uncle.
Some of you may be saying to yourselves, this guy is nuts, there are bad guys
everywhere just look at the news on tv. Well, I got news for you folks, TV IS FAKE. The
only true source for news other than a newspaper, can be found on the internet, which
allows people to voice their opinions and anything else they want, this includes REAL
In order to prove that Locke is correct, I am including an article showing that there
is good in today’s society, this articles were found on the internet, at cnn.com. It shows
strangers unselfishly helping others.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Latin American victims of Hurricane Mitch will receive $32
million from the American Red Cross to rebuild drinking water and sanitary systems,
improve disaster preparedness and provide better access to health care, the organization
announced Tuesday.
The additional funds bring total American Red Cross contributions to Hurricane Mitch
relief to $38 million. The total International Red Cross contributions will reach an
estimated $100 million.
The October hurricane killed more than 9,000 people, left more than 3 million homeless
and destroyed large areas of farm land in Latin America, primarily in Honduras,
Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala.
"Progress is being made" in the region, said Steve Bullock, acting president of the Red
Cross who is in Latin America to tour the ravaged area. "But it is a very serious situation
that requires continued outpouring of support."
The Red Cross funds, including $26 million for recovery and rebuilding, will be allocated
during the next 18 months. Funds are earmarked to help move families from overfilled
shelters to homes.
The $32