The Life and Death of Tupac Amaru Shakur

"It aint about east or west.. Its about ni**az and bit*hez.. Power and Money.. Ridaz and Punkz.. Which side are you on?"
Tupac Shakur aka Makavelli "1996"

This phrase comes from the famous deceit rap artist Tupac Amaru Shakur who was previously killed in a drive by after the Mike Tyson fight at Caesarís Palace. Why was he killed? We may never know. But many things point to his death. For instance, in his famous song "Hit Em Up" he continually knocks on eastcoast rival Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie Smalls. "Thatís why I fu**ed your bit*h you fat mother fu**a." is the beginning of the song. It goes about dogging on B.I.G. Could this spark a rival war? Well we wonít know yet. Also in account to this, at Caesarís Palace earlier before the fight Tupac had given one punch to another rap artist Nas. Nas did something to spark the blow that Tupac gave, but reports are unclear why. That is another motive people havenít figured out.
In the rap game there is an ego thing that people would like to call the "Eastcoast/Westcoast War". If you are from cities like Washington DC, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia or Baltimore you are considered eastcoast. If you are from Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Compton, Watts, Fresno, Long Beach or Sacramento you are considered westcoast. Why people talk bad bout each other because of their preference on where to live will never be defined. Just prejudice acts among people. Tupac was raised in the city of New York before he had rape charges against him. Then after that he was shot 6 times, somehow living. After that happened he moved off to the westcoast and signed a deal with Death Row Records. Suge Knight signed him hoping to make multi millions of dollars off him. Death Row produces such artists as Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tupac, Dogg Pound, DJ Quik, Nate Dogg, Danny Boy, and Young Soldierz. All of them have been up on the top money makers in the rap business. Dr. Dre came out with Death Row and made his first album "The Chronic" which sold over 6 million copies. Then he helped out on the Snoop Doggy Dogg album "Doggystyle" which sold over 5 million. Death Row began to slide downhill for a while only coming out with albums by Dogg Pound "Dogg Food", Above The Rim Soundtrack, and Murder Was the Case Soundtrack. None being able to top previous hits. But then Tupac came over to Death Row and made his double album "All Eyez On Me" which sold 6 million records. But then when Tupac hit his high point in life, all went downhill when he was shot 3 times in the chest after the Tyson fight. He was in the hospital for a matter of days before he passed on. The odd things that have happened since then are things to question. Like the fact after he died, they began using his name Makavelli which was given to him earlier. But if you look in the past, Makavelli was a man who faked his own death to gain popularity and money. People begin wondering if Tupac then is really dead or not. Why did he all of a sudden change his name to Makavelli? Why did they make an album of totally new songs AFTER he died? Why did he mention himself dying in most of his songs on "All Eyez on Me"? Why wonít Executive Producer Suge Knight comment on Tupacís death? As is no one will know for sure. One of the witnessí to the crime was also shot before testimony. No one knows if it was related to the Tupac shooting, but what else would cause it? Many questions have to be answered. Death Row has said Tupac has enough songs recorded from the past with them that they could make a good 3 more albums from him. If so, how can they make the 100 songs they supposedly have already when they only had him contracted for 9 months. That would be a bit too much work. Well this case will hopefully be solved so we wonít have "Tupac Sightings" and "Tupac is hibernating on Mars" kind