When I was seventeen, our school basketball team made it to the state championships. I wanted to go since I am a big supporter of our Juniata Valley Hornets, and it would be fun anyhow. I stated to my parents, "I am going to the state championship game because I do not want to miss it." We had the day off school in order for the students to attend the game at Hershey, PA. The only way I was allowed to go is if I took the pep bus down to Hershey arena. I didn't want to take the bus; I wanted to ride down with my friend Andy who was driving down. I tried to my mom into letting me go several times, but it didn't work. My mom snapped, "I just do not trust him, so you are not going with him. You will ride on the pep bus, or you will not go at all."
On the day of the game, my parents dropped my sister and me off at the school. This is where we got on the pep bus. My friend, Andy, was waiting there for me in his car. I decided I would ride down with him anyhow. My parents wouldn't have known that I went down to the game with him. They didn't understand how bad the pep bus would be with a whole bunch of "little kids." So I got in the car with Andy and our other friends, and we drove off to the game. Before we left, Andy asks. "Are you sure you want to ride down with me?" I shouted, "Yes, now let's go before my parents happen to drive back here."
We arrived in Hershey and immediately walked to the arena. As we were walking to the arena, I saw my sister, Elizabeth, getting off one of the pep buses. "Johnny, what bus were you on? I didn't see you when we stopped to eat." Elizabeth stated. I mumbled, "I was there, don't worry about it."
We then walked into the arena and found our seats. Elizabeth and I were no where near each other, which was good. I didn't want her around my friends in case they would start talking or asking about whom I rode up with or whom am I going home with.
The game finally started. It was very exciting. My friends and I were yelling, "Go Hornets!" We had the whole section of people to start chanting it. Everyone clapped, stomped, and screamed in support of our team. Our team was ahead for the last two minutes; however, the hornets ended up losing by one point at the last second. The fans were very disappointed, but we were still glad the team made it this far.
When we arrived back at the school. A party was given in honor of our team's accomplishments. After the party was over, my friend Mark took me home to my house. My parents asked, "How was the bus ride?" I replied, "It was okay." and I quickly asked if "I Can I stay over night at Mark's house?" They gasped, "Okay." As I was walking away from the house, my mom started to ask Elizabeth questions about how the bus ride was and the game was. Elizabeth said to her, "It was all right, but I didn't see Johnny at all. I think he rode with Andy."
The next day when I returned home, I went up to my room and found a note on my bed from my mom. It explained how she was disappointed in me for lying to her and dad about how I got to the game, and that I probably lied about staying over night at Mark's house. I felt so bad for lying but I was so mad at my sister for telling my parents on me. I went over to my sisters' room and started to scream at her. Needless to say, I was in trouble.
After I tried to explain myself to my parents, I ended up telling them the truth. I was grounded for about two weeks, and I was mad at my sister for that amount of time too. So