The Kenneth Starr report on President Clinton has been going on for awhile now. This is not a one-time incident for Clinton. Scandals involving the president have been appearing as far back as he was governor of Arkansas. His newest scandal involved a White House Intern named Monica Lewinsky. It wouldn’t be such big news by itself but she was involved in a grand jury trial involving the president. In which she testified in favor of the president. Everyday new skeletons from his closet appear. Just recently Kathleen Willey came forward and claims that the president made unwanted advances on her in 1993.

Before Clinton even became president the scandals started appearing. The first scandal involved an affair with Jennifer Flowers. When interviewed about this incident on TV he looked at the American public and told them that it was untrue and that he had no involvement ever with Jennifer Flowers. Then in 1994 was White water in which he was accused of knowing of an illegal government loan in the White water land project. He also did not report profits he made off the sale of the land. He reported the investment as a loss. There was travel gate in which travel money and equipment was abused. After this scandal was discovered Clinton blamed a couple of people in the White House and fired them. After that was file gate in which files involving travel gate came up missing. A little time passed and the missing files turned up in one of her private closets. There was also suicide during all of the scandals of one of Clintons staff members named Vincent Foster. Problems have arisen as far back as when he was governor in Arkansas. State troopers have come froward and said that they use to escort President Clinton to hotel rooms to have secret affairs. Again and again Clinton gets in front of the American public and swears to have no knowledge of any of the wrong doings he is falsely being accused of.

The newest of scandals is a spin off of a scandal that went to trial a year ago. Paula Jones filed legation against President Clinton a year ago. Clinton once again put on his game face, told everybody what to say, and tricked a jury and most of the American public that he was innocent. One of the witnesses during the Paula Jones trial was Monica Lewinsky. She said that she never had sexual relations with the president. He also testified under oath that he had never had sexual relations with Lewinsky. Then he tried to buy her silence by trying to get her a job at Revlon

The only problem was that Lewinsky was a young girl and still thought like a high school girl. She told people about her affair with Lewinsky. One of the people that she told about her affair with the president was Linda Tripp. Linda Tripp soon after the Paula Jones trial told of what she knew about the president and Lewinsky’s secret affairs. Soon following that an independent counsel was appointed to the case. After that Starr started collecting piles of evidence against Clinton. The evidence that was collected proves that (Clinton repeatedly tried to thwart the legal process during the Paula Jones Case) Atlanta Constitution. It also suggests that he misused his authority and power as president and contravened his duty to faithfully execute the laws. He used his power as president by using FBI and the secret service to cover up his affairs. After this was discovered he tried to make it so secret service and FBI could not testify because it was a danger to national security. He also tried to hide gifts that were exchanged between him and Lewinsky during their relation ship.
The evidence includes tapes of Lewinsky and Tripp discussing her affair with Clinton, a blue dress that contains Clinton’s seaman, which was proved by DNA testing. It also contains hundreds of pages of testimony.
When Clinton was finally pushed into a corner he admitted to the private counsel that he indeed have an affair, but he did not admit completely. He said that he had inappropriate behaviors with Lewinsky not a sex scandal just an inappropriate act. He also claims that he