The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan is the best and the most

memorable book I have read this year. This book has eight

different stories about eight different people ------ life

stories of four mothers and four daughters. The characters are;

Suyuan Woo, Jing-mei "June" Woo, An-mei Hsu, Rose Hsu Jordan,

Lindo Jong, Waverly Jong, Ying-ying St. Clair, and Lena St.

Clair. The topic of this book is about a girl named, Jing-Mei

Woo, also called June, who is trying to find her long lost

sisters in China. While she is playing Mah Jong (a Chinese game

played by only four people) with her three aunts. They tell her

a lot of stories about their childhood years and tell her how

hard it is for her mother to give up her own babies due to the

war. I started becoming interested in this book by

recommendation from my friends and being influenced by the movie.

From this book, I learned the young teenage girls are force

to get marry to a boy. It is not her choice to pick, this

marriage had already been made by a marriage matchmaker when she

is only two to three years old. Her family is too poor so they

have to sell her to a rich family to get money. Throughout the

stories, all the mothers are very strict and wanted a lot from

their daughters. Especially a character named, Waverly Jong, she

is really good at chess but her mother pushed her too much and

shown off her intelligent in front of her friends. Another

thing I learned is, a long time ago in China, both children and

adults had to suffer so much from the was, shortness of food,

going into hiding, and seeing their family and home destroyed

because of the war. It is very sad when Suyuan Woo, June's

mother, has to give up her two babies.

In this book, there are two stories that I really like, the

story of Lena St. Clair and Lindo Jong. The story of Lena St.

Clair is about a disagreement with her spouse, Harold. He had

to have everything fair, like the groceries, personal stuff, and

bills on everything. They have to split up the bills. Lena's

mother can already see this marriage was a bad idea. The second

story I like is Lindo Jong. She was force to get marry to a rich

boy. Of course, she is unwilling to do so. She was only ten

years old when she married into a rich family. I like the part

when Lindo trick her mother-in-law and matchmaker that they are

not supposed to get marry. She did this by telling them a

servant had their baby already, dreams that their ancestor gave

her, and telling the servant is the real spouse. This is a very

clever trick she played on them.

I will rate this book to a 9 because I like almost all the

stories and I would strongly recommend this book to everybody I