The Journal of Jerristocratosthenes: A Tragic Epic Story thing

July 8th, 443 BC

It was a day like any other, warm and humid with the sun shining,
yet it felt different somehow. It felt dark, dark like the depths of an
ocean, dark as the deepest night. A nebulous dark, a vague, hazy bemusing
I leaned up against the wall of the building, head down,
examining the passing men through my drifting brown hair. They seemed
oblivious to me... oblivious to my power. It was then that I strode
forward into the Agora, and called all attention to myself, waving my arms
"Stealing is a correct and morally right thing to do!" I yelled.
The other men stared at me, amazed. One of them stepped forward, slightly
dark in complexion, with a mop of brown atop his head. Confident in
himself he stepped up to me.
"I disagree sir!" he proclaimed to me.
Thus I had started my search for new pupils, new additions to my
stock of young men. I knew I had the crowd by their very minds, urging to
contradict and participate in this debate. My name is
Jerristocratosthenes. I\'m an expert in my field, and no one I\'ve yet met
can match my speaking skill.
I grabbed the man\'s shoulder and looked deep into his eyes.
"My friend suppose you were alone. You are wasting away and you
know you will die of starvation very soon. Your wife and small boy are
dying as well, it hurts you to see his ribs show through his skin. Since
you do not have money the only way that you may obtain food is to steal
it. In that situation is stealing not right?"
He looked taken aback at my shocking proposal, and dropped his
eyes to the ground.
"I would not find it wrong to steal in that situation, but
stealing is wrong when the person stealing is rich enough to afford the
food." he said. He looked very puzzled and I knew I had him.
We had developed quite a crowd around us by now, several young men
urging forward to see me, the glamorous debating artist plying my trade.
I turned to my subject once more.
"And are you saying that the poor stealing is correct?"
"Yes, sir, I am," he replied. He looked rather worried now. He
seemed to understand that he had already lost this argument.
"What if the item you need is worth more than you can pay?" I
asked him, gently prying.
"Well, that I would support also, if the item is needed," he
"So you have said that stealing is a good thing that can and
should be used by the poor and rich in order to obtain things that one
cannot afford, am I right?" I replied quickly.
The man looked down at his feet.
Suddenly a young man marched forth out of the crowd.
"Sir!" he cried

August 1st, 443 BC

I stood before my three students Persopholes, Mendaseus, and
Waffelus, and pointed towards the door to our room. Our room, unlike
common Greek homes, was not open to the outside world. It was an enclosed
space I could educate my pupils without bothersome interruptions, or
people yelling at me for corrupting the youth. Unlike many others of my
kind I taught many students at once.
"Today we have a new student named Spamu, whom I attained in the
agora this past month." With this I flung open the door, and the handsome
youth nervously entered the class. I turned him aside and muttered to him
to remember that this would cost him a hefty sum. He simply smiled and
said "I know"
With this new addition I had formed my class.

August 11th , 443 BC

I lay at rest on a warm hill in the sun, satisfied with the lesson
I had just finished teaching. My classes were going well, and I was
quickly gaining great name recognition and respect among fellow Sophists.
As I splayed myself in reclination a dapper, clean appearing man
came upon me. I immediately recognized him as a prominent member of the
Assembly. I grinned, knowing that this must be another way in which I
could increase my fortune.
"Good day Flatulenthes, how are you?"
"I am very well Jerristocratosthenes, thank you," he responded.
I could see in his face that he had other intentions.
"Let us pass on common pleasantries, for I wish to quickly get to
business," he said! It seemed more of a demand than a suggestion.
"Surely, kind Flatulenthes, what is your wish?"
"Upcoming is an Assembly meeting in which we