The journal Anvil Fan, Hazard Areas “Glacier Creek article” discusses the hazards that Glacier Creek imposes on the town of Glacier. The purpose of the article is to inform residents as well as development Companies of possible hazards in the Glacier Creek area.
Glacier Creek is located near Mt. Baker just east of the town of Glacier in Whatcom County. Glacier Creek empties into the North Fork of Nooksack River. Glacier Creek is composed of mainly sandstone and siltstone. With the logging in the area combined with the fragile composition of this Creek, Glacier Creek's area is highly assessable to erosion and flooding. The erosion during floods in this area have been so severe that they have caused huge boulders to wash down the creek. These boulder floods have washed out the Glacier Creek's bridge more than once over the years. The flooding in many cases has also been so severe that Glacier Creek has caught near by Gallope Creek and has been causing severe erosion to the Gallope Creek bridge.
There have been many changes made to Glacier Creek in order to keep it from flooding the town of Glacier. There have been Dikes and levies built above Mt. Baker Highway to accomplish this. The channel o f Glacier Creek in certain areas also contains Rip-Rap in order to prevent flooding. In my opinion the Glacier Creek area is a chaotic habitat that can change abruptly at any time. I feel that from the information given in the article that it would not be a good idea to build or live anywhere near Glacier Creek.