The Iroquois

The Iroquois is a tribe of the Eastern Woodland indians. The Iroquois is
one tribe that is seperated into five groups. These groups are called , Seneca ,
Cayuga , Onondags , Oneida , and Mohawk. In the eigh-teenth century Tuscarora
became another one of the five groups. Those are the six Iroquoisan tribe

The Iroquois indians are located in the northern part of New York.They are
also located by one of the Great Lakes , Lake Superior.Being near Lake
Superior can help the tribe. The men can go fishing or hunting. This helps
get food.


The Iroquois indians lived in long house. The house name is called
"longhouse." The longhouse held up to six to seven families at one time. In
the longhouses the Iroquois held meeting about making "peace." In a peace
conference they would pick male sachems , or peace chief.