The invention of the microprocessor in 1971 was a huge milestone that
eventually changed everyone’s everyday lives. This invention enabled the world
to own a personal computer in their home as well as their office. People were
able to work more efficiently and progressively with these new electronic
Electronics today provides the world with an infinite amount of information
at a much faster speed than that information would ever have been available
before. The American public is dependent on the usage of many electronics in
their lives such as the television, audio receivers, and amplifiers to stay updated
on world-wide issues. Electronics also provide a superior tool for progression in
the business world today. Business people rely on electronics to communicate
with each other faster and to store and quickly organize vast amounts of
essential data.
Electronics are improving at a blindingly fast rate. The newest technology
from five years ago is literally obsolete today. Electronics are also being used
for new purposes continuously. The Internet, or World Wide Web, is a relatively
new concept of being “on-line”. This new project has opened a limitless number
of doors for our society. Now anyone can use the Internet to communicate with
anybody else in the world a lot faster and cheaper. Cellular phones have also
appeared recently in the electronic world. These devices allow a person to be
reached from practically anywhere. With cellular phones a person can, from
then on, be in communication with the world no matter where they go.
For the next generation, electronics will certainly offer new yet simpler
technology available to the general public. Home addresses and phone
numbers will be replaced with Internet addresses. Business people will be able
to have access to tools such as video conferencing and such in their homes.
The workplace will ultimately become obsolete. Transportation vehicles will be
dominated by electric cars as natural gas supplies decline around the globe.
New procedures for creating power will be found and utilized. The current and
upcoming advances in technology will create a steady rise of the progression of
the everyday living experience.
I plan to enroll in a very prestigious university after high school and major
in electrical engineering. I plan to contribute my time during my studies toward
new possible designs of electronics and technology. I realize that innovative
minds are the backbone of the direction technology will take and, knowing this, I
will meet up to the challenges and technological walls now facing us and attempt
to climb over these obstacles.
The increasing role of technology in our lives is more unbelievable than
anything imagined previously. I will use my skills as an electrical engineer to
help create new, unimagined possibilities come true for the benefit of the next
generation. The limit in technology with electronics today is not based on what
speed our computers run at or how small our phones can be; it is based on how
innovative the minds of the individuals behind the technology are.