The Internet Beyond Human Control

The Internet has started to change the way of the world during this decade.
More homes, companies, and schools are getting hooked online with the Internet
during the past few years. This change has started to become the new way of
life present and future. The Internet system is so advanced it is ahead of our
time. This system is becoming predominately used everyday, but every which way
it works out this system ends up in a negative way.

The Internet System has started to migrate in many schools. The Schools that are
hooked online are mostly colleges. This is because the Internet is capable of
flashing up pornographic picture or comments at anytime. Also their is many
different chat lines that consist of a lot of profanity and violence. A
majority of high school students are minors. This is why most colleges are
hooked up online to the Internet system. The government is trying to figure out
ways to police the Internet so this will not happen. The problem with that is
it is a very hard task to do. It is almost guaranteed this will not happen for
another five to ten years.

Being hooked up online helps make high school easy to slide through. There is a
student at Chichester Senior High School that has a home computer hooked online
with the Internet system. So when he has a term paper due all he does is down
load a term paper on the system with the same topic. He just puts his name on
the paper, hands it in, and receives an A. In return when he hits college life
he will not know how to write a term paper. This will cause him to drop out. I
know other students do the same thing he does. Now students will come out of
high school not well educated.

The Internet system is set up in a way we can give and receive mail. This mail
is called electronic mail usually known as e-mail. This mail will be sent to
where you want it the second you click send with the mouse. The regular U.S.
mail takes two days if you are sending mail from Philadelphia to Media. Now if
you mail from coast to coast that could take up to two weeks. When my parents
went to Mexico for two weeks they tried to send me a postcard, but I didn\'t
receive it till the next day they came back. This could very well end up to
become a problem. Soon no one will even want to use U.S. mail. A big part of
the government money is from the costs of stamps. If no one uses U.S. mail ;
there will be nobody buying stamps. Now the government is not bringing the
money they need. So for that the government must raise taxes. The Internet
system will start taking over a large amount of jobs. Through the Internet
anyone can buy items like CDs, tapes, or sheet music. Within a matter of five
to ten years there will not be any music stores in business. They will all be
online through the Internet. The problem is already happening. Out on the west
coast a person can go grocery shopping on the Internet. All a person has to do
is go to the net search and type food stores. Than go to Pathmark or Acme, make
your list, and order the food on Visa. After that is all done go to the store
you ordered from, and pick up your groceries already pack in bags. This will
eventually drift across to the east coast. If this happens we are looking at
the biggest percent of unemployment ever. There is at least two hundred
employees working in just one grocery store, and there millions of grocery
stores located in the U.S. That means their will be no need for any grocery
stores to stay in business. Where are all these employees going to go?

When a person registers for the Internet system, they have to give their full
name and address. If anyone wants to look up a person they can easily. All a
person has to do is type "finger: e-mail number" at the prompt. So nothing is
confidential in the Internet system. If you start talking to someone on a chat
line he could know your address. If he was a serial killer or burglar you are a
easy target. If the person is a hacker he can find your social security