The Initial Vision of my Utopian Society

The initial vision of my society is that of a society without hate, crime, discrimination, and violence. In my utopian society, everybody is treated as an equal human being and is not poorly treated. In this society there is no discrimination against a person because of a certain race, creed, sex, or sexual preference. The transportation systems in my utopia are “flying cars” that do not emit pollutants, and a system where you type in where you want to go and you are instantly transported there. In my utopia, the air is clean and fresh and there are no problems with the ozone layer or depletion. Animals, humans, and insects all live together and have no discrepancies with each other. Although many conflicts arise between people, they have the skills needed to sort out their problems peacefully and generously. My society is similar to today’s society in the area of buildings. Many of the buildings, restaurants, and warehouses in my society are very similar to those of our society. Factories in my society are non-existent because they emit pollution and intoxicate the air. The average age of death in my society is 90 years old and approximately one baby is born every eleven seconds. Overall, my society is a very organized place to live in.

Hierarchy of Human Needs
My utopian society is based on my own vision of what a utopian society should be like. According to Maslow, the ten basic things needed for life are air, water, food, shelter, sleep, sex, love, self-esteem, esteem for others, and truth/justice. To give people fresh and clean air, I will destroy every factory that emits pollutants. To replace the factories, I’ll establish buildings that emit pollutants that are not harmful to human life. In addition, to preserve air, I’ll convert every car to make them electric cars, and for clean water, I will destroy everything that puts toxins, chemicals, or pollution into the water.
In terms of food, I will have farmers grow most of my society’s food. After the food was done growing, electric trucks will transport it to nearby stores where the people of my society will be able to purchase it. To provide shelter for needy people, I will institute a series of rest homes and places where homeless persons will be able to obtain food and clothing. In addition, if people wish to sleep, they will do so on what we like to call beds and sofas. Anywhere else is prohibited.
In the area of sex, I will allow people to do it the same way that our society does it. When two people are closely together and really like each other, it will be called love in my society. To have self-esteem, it will be up to that person to determine how much or how little self-esteem they have. In my utopian society, there would be no discrimination against people because of their race, creed, or sex. Therefore, the esteem for other will be very high. In addition, for truth and justice, there will be no crime, hate, prejudice, or war. Everybody will work to provide an income for his or her family and if any of these regulations are broken, severe punishments will be taken. All of these little visions make up the hierarchy of human needs in my utopian society.
The Official Constitution of My Utopian Society
The Constitution of my utopian society is going to consist of basic laws and regulations that will govern daily life. These laws are going to be established under the following categories: Law and Order, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Trade and Commerce, Economy and Money, Transportation, Defense, and Culture. Every inhabitant of this society will be required to fulfill and comply with these laws. If one person does not comply with these laws, the proper punishment will be given.
Law & Order – Article 1
The law and order in this society is very simple. If any person is caught not fulfilling the laws that govern this society (various articles), the following punishment(s) will be bestowed upon that individual:
(1) Death
(2) Depending on how severe the incident, death is the other punishment
As one can clearly see, no crime will be tolerated. If one participates in an