The Influences of European/French Colonialism on Algeria

The influences of early European colonization in Algeria has left a legacy of language,food ,and
so much more to the people of Algeria.Once they had won their freedom from France they
adopted many similar aspects of European culture.The French,when they were controlling Algeria
influenced the people in so many ways,from education,to food and modern culture.Although
Algeria is now an independent nation many French influences still exist.The French may have also
influenced the Algerians behavior.For example, Those few schooled in French academies and
infused with French values suffered the inherent racism of their French overlords and became the
nucleus of the Algerian nationalist movement. The French colonials looked upon the Muslim
populace as an inferior underclass that had to be tightly controlled. Muslims were not allowed to
hold public meetings, bear arms or leave their districts or villages without government permission.
Although they were officially French subjects they could not become French citizens unless they
renounced Islam and converted to Christianity,thus bringing in a new religion.

To begin with theAlgerian legal system,which have been derived from French and Arabic legal
traditions and influenced by socialism.Supreme Court of four chambers reviews application of law
by forty-eight provincial courts and lower tribunals.Although recently the government has been
struggling with France,the system has been based on the French political system;as has much of
Algeria’s political situations have been.

But perhaps one of the most evident French influence is the ideal European culture.From the
delicious delicacies ,to the favored hors d'oeuvres.However not all the European culture lies in the
food.It is apparent in the everyday society of the people.Their religion ,language,and education
system had been influenced.It is apparent as you walk up and down the streets of Algeria that
expresso cafe’s line the street.Delecaies of Salade aux poivrons a l'huile d'olive Salade de pommes
de terre are rarely found and widely treasured.Although Arabic official language and spoken by
vast majority; French widely spoken; bilingualism and trilingualism common. Berber spoken in a
few isolated Saharan communities and in Tell hill villages.

France has had an important role in the history of Algeria.Whether it be for better or for worse the
European influence has changed Algeria forever. Now no longer a lone isolated African
country,but now a growing country with many international ties,Algeria has much to offer in
terms of diversity. From traditional Islamic Civilization to modern ,Euro-Western “pop culture”
,Algeria is changing quickly.However the influence brought by the Europeans will always remain
the same.