The Importance Of
Muhammad Ali
By: Arthur Diamond

Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. in Louisville, Kentucky on January 17,
1942, got his first boxing lessons from an Irish-American cop named Joe Martin who
thought he was teaching a 13 year-old boy how to protect his bicycle from neighborhood
bullies. But by age 16, the young man had won the Louisville Golden Gloves tournament
as a light heavyweight and advanced to the quarter finals of the regional championship in

After graduating from Louisville's Central High School in 1960, he won the
Tournament of Champions in Chicago, as well as the National Golden Gloves competition
and the Amateur Athletic Union title. After winning those fights it took him all the way to
the 1960's Olympic Games in Rome and taking home the Gold Medal.

Muhammad Ali is a person that was a good influence to many people including me.
Muhammad Ali maid African Americans have some hope to be treated better. But with
Ali's return to the states after winning at the Olympics with the meddle around his neck he
was denied service at a diner in his home town. With that he responded be chucking the
medal into the Ohio River. When somebody can do that with something that he worked
so hard to get is admirable to me.

There was alot of conflicts that Muhammad has faced throughout his life but the
biggest one was being a black fighter in the 1960's. This conflict was Man vs. Man. Also
he faced Man vs. Self and Man vs. Society. Muhammad had to go through all of these
witch White Boxer did not and fight without letting them get to him. Muhammad has
struggled from Man vs. Self throughout his life time, he has had to push himself to be the
best he could and sense 1984 has been fighting Parkinson's syndrome. Ali has had alot of
pressure from Man vs. Society being a black fighter in the 1960's was pretty hard and
having to go out and fight in front of thousands of people and having only a couple of
them chering for you and the rest of them for the white boxer. That would have been
really hard to do.

This book can teach people alot of things. One of them is no matter how hard you
try you can allways do better and to never give up. Second is to treat people with respect
no matter what is different about them.