The Importance Of
Hernando Cortes
By Stephan R. Lilley

2) I found this book quite boring because the events took place so long ago that it

was hard to understand and it was about something that doesn't really relate to me.

However, it was interesting to read about how one man can make such and impact on a


3) This story took place in the high plains of Spain called Estremadura, where

Hernando Cortes was born. When he was fourteen, he went to Salamanca to study law.

4) The time period of this story was between 1485 and 1547. Cortes was born in

1485 and died of old age and illness in 1547.

5) This book showed me that children had a lot more responsibilities than we do

now. It showed how people's lives revolved around wars and conquering cities. It also

made me realize how certain people will make any sacrifice for their country and their


6) The title obviously relates to the book because the whole story is about "the

importance of Hernando Cortes." This is a good title for the book because it tells you

exactly what you will be reading about and what you will gain further knowledge of. I

think the title could be more elaborate like The Voyages of Hernando Cortes or The

Accomplishments of Hernando Cortes or anything like that, but the title of this book

suits it well.

7) By the Sixteenth-century standards, Hernando Cortes was a hero. In three years

he conquered most of Mexico, the domain of the mighty Aztecs, and empire four times

the size of his home country, Spain. His conquests added twenty-five million new

subjects to the Spanish empire. He seized enough gold, silver, and gems to change the

world economy. In turn, he made America appear as a land of myth and wonder that

attracted adventurers to its shores for generations to come. He accomplished all of this

with very few men. For a time, the Aztecs and their neighbors believed that Cortes was

Quetzalcoatl, the fair-skinned god, returning from the land where the sun rises to reclaim

Mexico. The conquistador's secretary, Francisco Lopez de Gomara, considered him

God's instrument, a combination missionary and warrior, the man who by persuasion and

force converted the Mexican Indians to Christianity and put an end to their practice of

large-scale human sacrifice. Although Cortes's motives for conquest included personal

greed, he wished to make Spain more powerful through his conquests.

8) There were many different characters in this book. The main ones are the


-Martin Cortes de Monroy his father who served Spain honorably as a captain of infantry

-Catalina Cortes his mother who along with his father felt that he should become an attorney

-Catalina Xuarez his wife who later died of fever

-Dona Juana de Zuniga his next wife whose marriage was arranged

-Bernal Diaz del Castillo, a soldier in Cortes's army who wrote a detailed account of his leaders exploits