The Immorality of Internet Weapon Sales

Many traditional weapons are still being made, whether or not they are actually still used for their original purpose. Many weapons’ purposes greatly evolve, leaving their original purposes to be outdated when they are transformed towards their new purpose, which often is collection. The Internet greatly helps the evolution of these purposes by depersonalizing the trade and use of the weapons, and making it easier to obtain a weapon for collection purposes. The easier the weapon is to obtain, the more will be sold, and the more damage can occur. Most weapons have their own stories, histories, and attributes, and when their purposes change it destroys these qualities. It is morally wrong for many traditional weapons that were once made and used around the world for cultural purposes to be sold to buyers for collection purposes because it destroys the purposes of the weapons, degrades their market, and destroys their originality.

Weapons like the sword can be commonly found around the world, sometimes in everyday markets open to the public. The sword is an offensive and defensive weapon for personal combat. It has a long blade with a sharp point and one to two cutting edges, which is set in a hilt with a handle. The handle is protected by a metal case or cross guard. The sword may have developed from daggers during the early Bronze Age, yet it was not a very effective weapon until the beginning of the Iron Age when iron swords were introduced. Swords were used all over the world, whether in the Mediterranean region, the English Region, the Spanish region, the Arab region, or the Oriental region. These swords evolved into different types of swords in these different regions. Various cultures’ swords had various characteristics. Greek and Roman swords tended to be shorter bladed. Medieval knights used one-handed or two-handed swords. Persians and Arabs tended to use curved steel swords while Oriental swords varied in their type completely. Despite the common use of this weapon in earlier times, recently the use of this weapon has drastically changed.

While the sword was used for battle, it also had many other purposes. Many tribes, cultures, and people used swords for ceremonies, sacrifices, performances, and other such things. The sword was considered to be a sacred weapon by many.

Another weapon found in many places globally is the spear. When this weapon was used in prehistoric times, it had a wooden shaft with a sharp tipped point at one end. The point material changed through time, from flint to bronze and lastly to steel. The spear evolved into medieval lances and pikes, and spears were even “…used by many European cavalry units as recently as the early 20th cent.” (Columbia Encyclopedia Sixth Edition) Some primitive hunters and gatherers in the world still hunt and fight with spears, but like swords and many other weapons, the use of spears has completely changed.[1]

The purpose and spirit of weapons degrade as they are sold for people’s private collections and amusement. For example, on a website that sells African weapons, they say: “ Weapons have had a major role in African culture for centuries. Some African people groups take tremendous pride in the mental, spiritual, and emotional power shown by their warfare abilities. Weapon making is a valued skill passed down through the generations.”( The website itself says that some Africans take pride in their warfare prowess.[2] Those Africans feel the causes of the weapons are degenerated if the powerful and symbolic weapons are reduced to mere ornaments on someone’s mantelpiece. The entire spirituality of the weapons vanishes if their purpose is vanquished.

More cultures that regard their weapons highly are Asian cultures. Family honor can come with weapons, skillful and highly respected training comes with weapons and an enormous amount of stories and histories revolve around their weapons.

Another reason why these sorts of weapons should not be sold is because if they are, they are changed in order to suit the customer’s desires. Many of these weapons are custom made and when the makers of these weapons start realizing that customers like it more if a blade tip is curved or such, they will curve the blade tips on the weapons they make in