The idea of reading in animal farm is that they want
every one to learn one way of seeing things not just a
bunch of letter, but putting the together to form words. It
was sort of like Hitler how he want all of his troops to see
that the Jewish people are bad and they should all be
The reading in my mind was that it was also like
ranks so for example the pigs they could read and write
the best out of all the animals and they were the leaders
along with being the smartest animals on the farm.
“The dogs could read and write fairly well, but all
they were interested in learning was the seven
commandments” From this quote it shows that the dogs
agreed with what the pigs were telling them but since the
pigs later on change the commandments in the middle of
the night the dogs would not know because all they new
was the seven commandments from the begging.
“Muriel the goat could read somewhat better than
the dogs, and sometimes he would read them things from
the newspaper in the evening” Muriel was a smart one
who was open to all possibilities he could but the letter
together to form words so when the pigs changed the
commandments he could read then and knew they had
been changed.
“Clover learned the whole alphabet but could not put
the letters together” From this its like that he would only
follow thins so far before he id not like or could not do
something any longer because he felt it was wrong.
“Most animal could not get past the letter D” this
proved that they were closed and were no open to ideas.
When the pigs change the commandments they would of
had no idea cause they couldn’t read or write.