“The Ice Cream Truck”

When I was in the eighth grade, I was not the brightest kid in the world. I had not
matured fully and was a very spastic child. I was getting into trouble a lot and my parents
were not to happy with me at this time. One day, school had ended and a bunch of my
friends and I were hanging around waiting for our parents. Everyday, there was an ice
cream truck in the parking lot of the school and no one knew who it belonged to. We
decided that we were going to check it out. A couple of my friends boosted me up to the
window and I saw a truck full of candy and toys. I told my friends what was inside the
truck and they all wanted to break into the truck and steal some candy. I had to make the
decision to either steal from the truck or walk away. I figured that this truck did not
belong to anybody so I might as well take a little something, it won’t hurt anybody. So I
did and I reached in there to grab anything that my hand could reach. Out came a
worthless toy gun, which I ended up throwing away later. The next morning, a couple of
my friends came early to school and actually broke into the truck and stole a lot of the
candy that was in the truck. When school started they hid the candy in a large bin and
they would pick it up after school. The custodian of the school ended up finding this
candy and bringing it to the principal. We got in lots of trouble, and it ends up that this
truck belonged to a poor family man and was sick for a while and was unable to run his ice
cream truck.
I was morally wrong in this situation because I did not think of the consequences
and who this truck could belong to. I did not use the knowledge that I had to understand
that in God’s eyes this is wrong. I was wrong for what I did and was punished for this
action. If I would of thought that it would be wrong to do this instead of saying to myself
it probably belongs to nobody, maybe I would of made the moral decision to just walk