The Hunter Vs. The Hunted

Is the hunted killing the hunter an example of justice? This takes place in both "The Hunted" and "The Most Dangerous Game." That is just one of the similarities between the two stories.
"The Most Dangerous Game," was set in the late 1940's or the early 1950's. On the other hand "The Hunted" is in a more modern environment and is set in the 1990's. "The Hunted" starts in the mountains and changes setting to the city. "The Most Dangerous Game" it starts on an island and it's surrounding waters and also ends there. Both of the settings are in an unpopulated area except for the second half in "The Hunted."
In "The Most Dangerous Game" Rainsford is the hunted who has a good knowledge of hunting and styles of hunting. Sam is the hunted in "The Hunted." She has very little if any knowledge on hunting, because she is from the city. They also have very different professions.
General Zaroff is the hunter that hunts Rainsford in "The Most Dangerous Game." He is also a fair man. Zaroff thinks of hunting humans as a way of getting rid of the scum of the earth, who he considers, washed up sailors. Doc is the hunter that hunts Samson in "The Hunted." He also thinks of hunting humans as a challenging sport.
The plot in "The Most Dangerous Game" is a guy, Rainsford, gets stranded on an island. On this island lives a supreme hunter by the name of General Zaroff. The General takes Rainsford in they eat and talk about their hunting knowledge. Then Zaroff explains that he is bored of hunting animals and how he gets and hunts people. He then tells Rainsford that he is to be hunted for three days and if he survives he will be free to go, but if he doesn't last the three days he is to die. He does survive and gets in a struggle with Zaroff and ends up killing him, because he feels that Zaroff will not hold up his end of the deal and let him go back to the mainland.
"The Hunted" has a similar plot to "The Most Dangerous Game." A woman lawyer that works for an insurance company takes an assignment of trying to find a lost airplane pilot that maybe dead on a mountain. On the mountain she rolls her jeep and is hurt, a hunter named Doc takes her in. He is the only one on the mountain and is miles away from anyone. He says he knows where the airplane pilot is and he will take her their. When they go to the pilot he is dead, and Doc tells her she will be hunted. He gives Samson a revolver and six bullets. Then Doc counts to five hundred before he begins the hunt. Samson lures Doc into his house and tries to kill him in a fire. She returns to the city only to receive a package from Doc with a revolver and six bullets. Then he calls her and starts to count to five hundred. The hunt continues and Samson kills Doc by shooting him and then he falls of a lighthouse.
"The Hunted" and "The Most Dangerous Game" have similar plots up to the point in "The Hunted when Doc is not killed in the fire and continues the hunt. In both the Stories the hunter is killed by the hunted.
The conflict in "The Hunted" was Samson vs. Doc. In the "The Most Dangerous Game" the conflict was between General Zaroff and Rainsford.
Only in "The Hunted" was justice truly served, because Doc would not leave Samson alone so she had to kill him. But in the "The Most Dangerous Game" Rainsford did not have to kill Zaroff because he was a fair man and he would have probably kept up his part of the deal. So in my opinion the hunted killing the hunter is an example of justice only under certain circumstances such as Samson's.