The state which now known as California, along with the rest
of the American southwest, was ceded to the US by Mexico. This
was done in a treaty named Guadalype-Hidalgo, in 1848, after
after the Mexican War. In 1542, the exploration of California
began by a man named Juan Rodrigiuez . He anchored his ship in
the San Diego Bay and claimed the land for Spain . In 1579, Sir
Charles Drake sailed his up the coast of San Fransico Bay, and
claimed land for England. Spainís claim to California was
strengthened by Sebastian Vizeano, who charted the coast. He
gave many places there present name San Diego, Santa Catalina,
Santa Barbara, Monterey, and Carmel.
The Native Americans who roamed California were called
Gatherers. Their main foods were roots and seeds. The Shasta,
Poem, Miwok, and Chumash Indian tribes lived on the coast, the
Mojave in the southwest, at the Yokuts in the central Valley. The
Native Americians and the Eurpeans had many conflicts.
Everything was under control after the Modoc War ended in 1873.
Today only about 10 percent of the stateís American Indians
population live on resevations.
Before gold was discovered in 1848, 15,000 Spainsh Settlers
lived in the region. As the population grew, California was settled
by people from every state in the union including Mexico, Canada,
and the United Kingdom. Asian immigration to California came
back in the 1980ís - mostly Filipinos, Indo -Chinese refuges, and
South Koreans. The most concentrated population is in southern
California. Southern California is made up of only five counties, it
has more than the other 53 counties combined. It is also the
fastest growing part of the state.
The Golden State is dominated by two coastal cities-Los
Angeles in the south and San Fransico in the north. Los Angeles is
the largest city in the state and by 1982 had passed Chicago, to
be the second biggest in the nation. California has 26 cities with
populations more than 100,000. San Diego the southernmost
coastal city, has a valuable landlocked harbor. Long Beach is a
port and resort in the Los Angeles metropolitan area . The state