The Gun Arguments

Brianne Hansen
Mrs. Jensen
English II
Nov. 30, 1998
“Sam Walker as not your average American gun owner. For one thing, he had no interest whatsoever in hunting. And whereas the average gun owner owns at least three guns, Walker owned only one, a .38-caliber revolver, which friends persuaded him to buy for the sole purpose of protecting himself and his family in their suburban Houston home. Walker didn’t even particularly like guns. He still hadn’t gotten around to acquainting himself with his new weapon when his burglar alarm went off one weekday morning last December. Notified by his security company of the intrusion, Walker rushed home from work, quietly entered the house, took the gun out form the spot where he had left it for safekeeping, and, hearing a noise, moved stealthily up the stairs and opened the closet door. He saw a movement, a figure, and in a split second fired. The smoothly oiled gun worked perfectly, and Walker’s aim was true. A body fell to the floor. It was his 16-year-old daughter. She had cut school that day ;and had hidden in the closet to avoid her father. It wound up costing her life.”(Guterl 85)
In America each year handguns account for 70 percent of firearm suicides among all age groups. Two in 25 high school students, or 7.9 percent, reported having carried a gun in the last 30 days. Every day in the U.S. an estimated 1.2 million elementary school-aged children come home to a house with a gun and no parent. And every day, 15 American children are killed with guns. These are just a few facts about how careless people are with guns.
There are a big group of people in the U.S. that are majorly against guns. Guns are the leading cause of death in the United States. If guns were aliminated then this group of people would believe that our death rate would drop. This may be true and many people are campaigning to get rid of guns for good. This anti-gun group also faught to get the Brady Bill and many gun laws in many of the states.
“One weekday morning in January, in front of a Brooklyn government building in broad daylight, Eric Immesberger stopped to give a man directions. Suddenly a second man came out form behind a pillar and knocked Immesberger to the ground. The two men then demanded his wallet and started beating him. Now, it just so happens that Immesberger is an investigator for the Brooklyn district attorney, and, more to the point, he was armed with a 9-millimeter semiautomatic handgun. He managed to pull his weapon and shoot one of the robbers in the chest. The other fled.” (Guterl 85)
A passive victim is much more likely to be a criminal than a victim who resists attacks with a gun. States with the largest increases in gun ownership also have the largest drops in violent crime. The number of concealed handgun permits is not associated with either increased accidental deaths or suicides. Neither state waiting periods nor the Federal Brady Law is associated with the reductiong in crime rates.
There is also a group that is all for guns. They believe if people have the correct training and know how to properly handle a gun then the death rate would drop. They believe that the only reason guns are the leading cause of death is because the people that buy guns don’t know how to use them properly and are irrisponsible with them. They are fighting to keep guns legal and keep them safe.
There are two main arguments on guns as you can see. There is not a right or a wrong argunment. It is what you want to think. There are millions of facts and stories to support both arguments. So now I am leaving it to you to decide which argument to side with.