The Greatest Villain of all Times

In elementary school we were taught that Christopher Columbus was a hero, he discovered The “New World”, and proved the world was round. But as time went by, and we reached high school we learned the truth. Christopher Columbus was not a hero, or explorer, he was a claimer.

Christopher Columbus originally left Spain in August of 1492, he set out to find East Asia. But this never happen, instead he landed elsewhere. One of the places he landed was Hispaniola, what is now known as present day Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Columbus did not stay in Hispaniola, but instead he left 39 of his sailors behind. The men he left behind were cruel; they terrorized the Tainos, and kidnapped the local women.

As a result the Taino Chiefs killed all 39 of the sailors. When Columbus returned about a year later he learned of the events that followed his departure. But instead of realizing the sailors got what they deserved, Columbus decided to seek revenge; all the Tainos would suffer. As a direct result Columbus enslaved the Tainos. The Spaniards made the Tainos do everything for them, If the Tainos refused they would be punished. The punishments the Spaniards came up with was cruel, a minor punishment varied from getting your tongue cut off or your nose. How could this be considered a minor punishment? But this was not the end; Columbus shipped many of the Tainos to Spain. In doing this he forced them to leave behind their family and friends. The Tainos were suffering for protecting their people. If anyone should suffer it should have been the Spaniards. Columbus should have apologized and removed his troops from Hispaniola. He should have realized that he shared part of the blame; After all he was supposed to be the leader.

Years went by and Christopher Columbus never stepped up to the plate. Instead he was made governor. The Tainos continued to suffer until years later when Queen Isabelle and King Ferdinand stripped Columbus title of governor of Hispaniola in 1500. He was stripped of his title because many of the Spanish had reported him to the King and Queen for his cruelty and bad temper, his removal had nothing to do with the treatment he bestowed upon the Tainos, atleast someone’s cries were heard. What took the King and Queen so long, how could they leave such a ruthless leader in power for eight years?

Many people view Columbus as a hero, after all he is the person who discovered the “New World”, or did he. Columbus is no hero, he is a villain. But not to worry he was a great explorer who discovered the “New World”, no that’s right he came across a land that was already inhabited. Columbus tortured the Tainos not only physically, his presents was torture enough.

In elementary school we were taught that Christopher Columbus was a hero. But as time goes by the truth is slowly under covered. The great explorer was not so great; matter of fact the great explorer was not great at all. Instead of being called the “Great Explorer” Christopher Columbus should be called the “Great Claimer”.