The Great Gatsby Essay

Is Nick Genuine?

Nick Carraway is a very genuine character throughout the novel. He gets involved with situations such as Daisy and Gatsby, he helps them rekindle their love and he also becomes a true friend with Jay Gatsby.
Throughout the novel Nick Carraway starts off not having to many friends, until he starts getting involved other people.

It all starts when Jay Gatsby, Nick's neighbour, invites Nick to his party. Nick decides that it would be a great idea so he attends. While attending the party Nick gets acquainted with many of the guests. Then Gatsby sends for him to come and meet him. At first Nick has no idea where he is headed, then he see's Gatsby and they talk for a few minutes. By meeting Gatsby Nick has changed for the better. His idea's and actions all start to change. He becomes very genuine. Sometime after the party, Nick says "I believe that on the first night I went to Gatsby's house I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited." (Gatsby, p.41) He said this because most of the people at Gatsby's parties just invited themselves. This is the time when Nick's character is showing some development of genuineness.

Another time that Nick shows his development into a more genuine person is when he helps rekindle the love between Jay Gatsby and Daisy. He does this by setting up a surprise meeting at his house. Gatsby knew of this because he had asked him to do it. At this time in the novel is when Nick says "I'm going to call Daisy tomorrow and invite her over here to tea." (Gatsby, p.82) This shows that Nick is genuine because he is trying to rekindle the love between Gatsby and Daisy. After this period in the novel Gatsby and Nick became even closer friends.

Getting closer to the end of the novel is when the reader see's the true friendship between Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway. Whenever Gatsby would ask Nick to do something Nick would always have or make the time to do it. The strongest example of the genuineness of Nick is when Jay Gatsby was murdered by Mr. Wilson, Nick took care of all the arrangements for the funeral and all Gatsby's assets. Nick said "I found myself on Gatsby's side, and alone." (Gatsby, p.165) Nick said this because everyone who knew him wouldn't even take the time or effort to attend the funeral service. He even had people say that Gatsby deserved it, and these were people who had attended his parties. Nick was the only true friend of Gatsby.

In conclusion, we see that Nick developed his genuineness progressively throughout the novel. He helped Gatsby and Daisy find their lost love for each other, and he was always there for Gatsby as a true friend. So Nick Carraway truly is a genuine character in the novel The Great Gatsby.