The Good Earth

Liu - He was the owner of a grain market and was tired to Wang Lung*s
family to two


Lotus - Wang Lung*s second wife. He admired her for her beauty.

Wang Lung*s third son - He left to go and fight in the wars toward the
end of the book.

Old Mistress - She is the mistress in the Great House of Hwang.

Wang Lung*s Nephew - He was the son of Wang Lung*s uncle. He was also
as bad as his

dad and was always lusting after woman.

O-Lan - Wang Lung*s wife. She becomes his wife and bore him three sons
and two


Old Man - Wang Lung*s father.

Wang Lung*s Uncle - He was a undoubtedly Wang Lung*s uncle and was a
very bad man in

the book. He lived off of other people while he didn*t do anything.

Wang lung-he is the main character in the book. He started out as a
poor farmer but

then ends up as a rich land owner.

Wang Lung *s Uncle*s Wife - She was a fat woman and was the wife of Wang
Lung*s uncle.

She too was bad and lived off of Wang Lung riches when he became a rich

Ching - Wang Lung*s closest neighbor. He became Wang Lung*s faithful
servant when

Wang Lung becomes rich.

Nung En -Wang Lung*s elder son

Nung Wen - Wang Lung*s second son

Poor Fool - Wang Lung*s daughter who did nothing but stand and play with
her string.

Cuckoo- She was the mistress*s servant in the Great House until the
House of Hwang was

sacked. Then she became lotus*s servant.

Pear Blossom - She was Lotus*s servant at first but than became Wang
Lung*s servant.

O-Lan ,Lotus ,and Wang Lung played major roles.

O-Lan played the second biggest role in the book since she was Wang

first wife. She was very faithful and kind to Wang Lung. She also bore
him three

sons and two daughters and helped to cook and clean around the house.
Wang Lung

still loved her even thought she was ugly.

Lotus , Wang Lung*s second wife played a major role since she was Wang

entertainment to keep him distracted from the troubles. Wang Lung
admired her for

her beauty and she was faithful to him and treated him with dignity and
respect after

he beat her. However, toward the end ,they hardly talked to each other,
they just

stayed in their own courts.

Last Wang Lung, since he is the main character in this novel played the

biggest role of all. If it weren*t for him, none of the event would
have taken place.

He started out as a poor farmer and became a successful land owner in
the end. He

was a very critical character in this book.

I choose change as the compatible concept in this book since there were

great change in this book. In the beginning Wang Lung was only a poor
farmer but he

later changed and became a successful landowner. Also, he never thought
about how

O-Lan looked until he saw Lotus and he change his mind and thought O-Lan
was ugly.

Also, he had planned out the future of his sons but eventually, he let
his third

becomes a scholar instead of a worker in the fields.