The French Revolution was a major turning point in Europe during the 1790ís to the mid 1800ís. The Old Regime, the Enlightenment, and the Estates were a cause of this mayhem. The National Assembly also fueled this revolution.

The Old Regime was a cause of the revolution, because it was a system that was set in place to give the nobles and clergy more privileges while the peasants suffered. The country was led by King Louis XVI; he led France into the revolution. He was not liked by many of the people in France. The Old Regime made it very hard for the peasants to live. It affected the course of history by having France lose many people. France lost their allies when Napoleon took over.

The Enlightenment was another cause of the revolution. This was bad for France because of the peasants. The peasants finally realized that the 2nd and 1st estates were not being fair. In turn the peasants revolted and were going to over throw the government. This is exactly what they did. The peasants would later find out that by doing this it would lead to the other countries wanting to isolate them and punish them as well after Napoleonís rule.

The National Assembly was the part of the third estate that was locked out of the assembly hall and broke into an indoor tennis court and swore that they would not leave until France had a new constitution.

There were many things that changed the course of history during the French revolution. The most important things were the Old Regime, the Enlightenment, and the Estates.