The founder of Christianity is unknown. The religion is not really
defined by any beginning dates, but it does still exist in the world today.
The total amount of followers in this religion is around 1.7 billion people.

Around 4 BC a child was born to the Virgin Mary and Joseph. An
angle told Mary to name the child “Jesus”. Though Mary was a virgin,
the angle told her that God was the child’s father. Mary gave birth to
Jesus in a place where the cattle stayed. There was no room for the
travelers to rest in the inn. Jesus was said to be the perfect person,
committing no sin against his father in heaven. The main practice of the
religion is to try to be like Jesus and commit as little sin as possible. When
Jesus was 32 years old, the Romans crucified him, which fulfilled many
prophets’ “visions” made hundreds of years before. In Christianity’s holy
book, the Bible, it is said that Jesus will come back and save all of his
followers and defeat Satan, or the devil. This will be known as the
second coming, or the rapture.

The Bible is Christianity’s holy book. This book is divided up into
two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The New
Testament was written about and after the birth of Jesus Christ. The
two sections are divided up into 66 separate books in all. The most
famous books are the Gospels, which are the first four books in the New
Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Other famous books in
the Bible are Genesis, Exodus, Acts, and Revelation. Revelation is the
last book in the Bible and tells about what will happen in the second
coming. The Bible was said to be written by God through many of his
followers. The main followers of Jesus were his 12 Deciples.

The rituals of Christianity are strict, but lenient. The beliefs of
Christianity are that God created the Earth and the God sent his son
to die on the cross for their sins. To become “saved” you must confess all
of your sins to God and tell him you believe that he has taken the “blame”
for your sins. You do this through prayer, which Christians are supposed
to do frequently. There is no set amount of times you should pray in one
day. Another belief is that Christians should follow the 10
commandments to the best of their ability. The 10 Commandments
appear in the book of Exodus and are as follows:
-Shall have no other gods except for me
-Shall not make yourself and idol form
-Shall not take the Lord’s name in vain
-Remember the Sabbath (You shall not work on Sunday)
-Honor your father and mother
-Shall not murder
-Shall not commit adultery
-Shall not steal
-Shall not give false testimony
-Shall not covet other people’s possessions
If you break any of these laws, the Bible says you should ask God for
forgiveness and it will be done.
There is no major Geographical location of Christianity today due to
the spread of it all over the world. It was started in Asia. Jesus grew up in
Jerusalem and taught of his fathers teachings. Jerusalem is seen as
Christianity’s “holy city”.
Now Christianity lives in more than 1.7 billion people all over the world.
Many Christians now days regularly attend church on Sunday morning.
Christianity just seems to keep growing and growing.