The Formation of An Individual: Cases, Terms, & Tools

Man needs a polity, and in the same way a polity needs man. This is the focus
of the first chapter in the formation of an individual. The formation of an
individual is a very complicated process, yet it is a process that is very
necessary. Through the formation of some types of government man tries to form
himself from his acquired beliefs. The most basic form of government is a
couple, but it branches out to entire societies. In these societies there are
certain issues that the individual must deal with, the first is oppression.

Oppression is probably the hardest of all of the problems that one faces on his
road to humanization. Oppression is a single force, held by few, that prevents
others from reaching their status. This form of inequality can be seen in
almost all forms of government, save anarchism because there are no superiors
that can oppress. We saw this oppression in the movie AA Dry White [email protected]
This movie summarized the problems with injustice, inequality, and oppression.
In order for us to become more fully human, and move along on our road to our
own formation we must break free from our oppressors. By breaking free, you are
not starting a war, or even a conflict, but you are actively participating in
your own realization.

Before we can break free of the oppression that I just described we must first
be able to realize when we are being oppressed. Through a complicated process
of influence we gain our own thoughts, words, and actions. It first starts with
our own set of beliefs. Most likely the ones that our parents set for us. But
after we gain that first sense of who we are, and who we should be, then and
only then can we realize if we are oppressed. We must understand the actions of
ourselves before we can understand those of others.

On the journey to create our own individuality we need to be influenced because
after we are influenced we can then Aweed [email protected] the ideas that most likely
conform to our own opinions. This onion is the most effective tool or method in
the formation of an individual.

Paulo Friere addressed the issue of oppression and why it must be stopped in his
essay APedagogy of the [email protected] In this essay he dictates that through
education we can and must stop oppression. Yet this Abreaking [email protected] cannot be
an individual effort, but a combine summation of forces. Near the beginning of
his essay he says that man must break free of the chains that bind him to his
master because this is not how it was supposed to be. By using it I mean his
existence. We were all meant to be free. ABut while both humanization and
dehumanization are real alternatives only the first is man=s [email protected](28).
More over humanization = freedom. Freedoms is not an ideal located outside of
man; nor is it an ideal which becomes a myth. It is rather an indispensable
condition for the quest of human completion. Throughout Paulo=s entire article
he stresses the importance that this needed freedom has, and without freedom we
are nothing more than just shadows, we can never better ourselves but only stay
the same unless our master, the shadow caster changes.

We must liberate ourselves from this situation, but without mutual cooperation a
goal of liberation is quite impossible. Friere says Aliberation is thus a
childbirth, and a painful one. The man who emerges is a new man, viable only as
the oppressor - oppressed contradiction is superseded by the humanization of all
[email protected](33). It is necessary for men to liberate himself from his master, and
likewise it is necessary for all men to liberate themselves. Throughout Friere=
s=s entire article we can deduce the theme that humanization is the pinnacle of
existence, and like any human being we all seek the pinnacle. But the hardest
goal in achieving this humanization is the first step in overcoming oppression.
Once oppression is conquered, humanization is a more possible goal.

The initial steps in the formation of an individual must the conscious
realization of who we are, then we must decipher all of the restraints that hold
us back form who we want to be. Next we join hands and begin our quest of
humanization. Once we have been humanized through the combined effort of all
that seek the same as we do we can then and only then become a free individual.

After we realize who