The Environment

At the rate humans are using up and destroying our planet, Earth's situation is rapidly deteriorating. Every day millions of acres of trees are cut down and sent for processing. What's left are miles of bare land. Animals are stripped of their homes and humans of precious oxygen producing trees. And for what you ask? The trees are used to make paper and homes and everything else you see made out of wood. Now wouldn't you do something if you could to make sure that the number of trees used could be cut down by ? I'm sure I would, and I do, and so can you. Its called recycling and its available around almost every corner.
Trees are one of the most beautiful things on Earth. They provide us with oxygen, food, shelter, and paper which is most vital. You wouldn't once believe that paper is an important part of our life, but we need it for writing. We use it to learn, carry out contracts, and even express our ideas by drawing on them. Paper is one of the most easily and cheapest things to recycle. And it is also one of the most available to recycle. If we recycled every piece of paper that we used, we would use the amount of trees that we do now. Most of all though tree's have sheltered us since the sawn of mankind. Not only do they shelter us, but other animals as well. Wild life has over thousands of years built a symbiotic relationship with trees and both thrive off each other. When it is time for trees to shed there fruit animals eat the fruit, and thus also drop seeds, which in time a new tree will sprout. And now we destroy it. If it is one thing that should be most protected I believe it to be trees.
Trees are a vital part of out life and I hope you too realize that. We could simply not live with out them, and I mean that. Trees produce the oxygen we breathe and if there are no trees, there might be no more animals as well. Think of how you would like it if someone were to tear down your home just so they can have some more paper and they are to lazy to recycle. I don't think you would like it one bit. So it comes to show that trees are a vital part of life and need to be saved.